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Following is the list of missions in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


Charge Assault Fort Grays Island
In his first sortie, Trigger—joining Clown in the Osean Air Defense Force's Mage Squadron—engages a squadron of Erusean bombers threatening the Fort Grays Island Air Base while learning the basics of combat. The carrier Albatross is sunk by the attack, and radio broadcasts are heard, showcasing Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise's declaration of war against Osea.
Charge the Enemy Scofields Plateau
Golem and Mage Squadrons attack an Erusean forward air base and nearby radar vehicles. While attacking the base, one transport aircraft explodes in a flash of harmful blue light. Erusea launches five MQ-99 UAVs to deter the Osean squadrons, but the Oseans shoot them all down.
Two-pronged Strategy Chopinburg
As part of a two-pronged retaliatory strike against Erusea, Golem and other Osean squadrons attack Erusean aircraft in the Chopinburg region to secure air superiority in the area while the OFS Kestrel II launches an air assault on the capital region. Clown and Trigger enter the area to provide support to their allies. Erusea deploys the captured Arsenal Bird Liberty and its MQ-101 drones to counter the Oseans, decimating Skeleton Squadron in the process. The IUN orders the remaining aircraft to retreat.

Brownie, having taken damage, escapes the area with Gargoyle 1 while Mage assists the remaining Golem and Gargoyle pilots being chased by UAVs. An unknown pilot enters the area and shoots down both Gargoyle 1 and Brownie. The Kestrel II is revealed to have been sunk afterwards.

Rescue Gunther Bay
The IUN sends Trigger to infiltrate Erusean anti-air radar around the International Space Elevator and secure a route to help former President of Osea Vincent Harling escape. After infiltrating the radar, Trigger destroys the Erusean anti-air defenses around the space elevator. Sea Goblin lands at the space elevator while Mage, Golem, and Gargoyle Squadrons engage MQ-99s launched from Selatapura.

All of Sea Goblin is killed while trying to extract Harling and Colonel Johnson, a military officer accompanying him. Harling and Johnson commandeer an MV-22 Osprey and take off from the space elevator under the callsign Mother Goose One while Mage, Golem, and Gargoyle defend it from a large formation of MQ-101s launched from the incoming Arsenal Bird Liberty. Gargoyle, under secret orders from the IUN, fires multiple missiles at the space elevator that destroy many MQ-101s programmed to sacrifice themselves for its protection. One missile breaks through and causes minimal damage to the elevator.

Mother Goose One's cockpit is hit, killing Colonel Johnson. Harling takes the controls and attempts to return to the space elevator for an unknown reason. A second missile is fired from an unknown source and strikes the Osprey, destroying it and killing Harling. The Liberty enters the airspace afterwards, forcing a retreat. Trigger is blamed for firing the missile and is court-martialed.

444 Zapland
After being sent to the penal unit Spare Squadron as a prisoner for his supposed actions, Trigger is sent with the rest of the squadron to deceive incoming Erusean forces into believing the 444th Air Base is a regular Osean air base. Erusean bombers in the formation cause more damage to the base than anticipated; Spare Squadron is ordered to shoot down all incoming bombers. Trigger shoots down most of the bombers, earning praise from his wingmen.
Long Day Roca Roja
The 444th Air Base sends Spare Squadron to investigate the anti-aircraft capabilities of an Erusean air base in Roca Roja. Spare Squadron is cleared to engage to clean out enemy forces and assist regular Osean forces in fully neutralizing the base. Partway through the mission, a large squadron of MQ-99 UAVs engage Spare Squadron, shooting down High Roller and one other pilot and prompting most of the other pilots to retreat.
First Contact Yinshi Valley
Spare Squadron is tasked with destroying a number of Erusean radar sites to secure a safe route for two friendly recon squadrons. When they arrive, the two squadrons are attempting to escape a thunderstorm while being pursued by UAVs. Spare Squadron is sent to escort them out and shoot down the UAVs. Following their escape, an Su-30SM appears and quickly shoots down Champ after a brief dogfight, proceeding to shoot down Spare 10 and one of the recon planes. Trigger is ordered to engage the Su-30, dubbed "Mister X," to allow the rest of the pilots to escape. The Su-30 and both of its escorts eventually retreat due to the weather.
Pipeline Destruction Artiglio Port
The 444th Air Base sends Spare Squadron to destroy a large Erusean oil facility before a sandstorm engulfs the area. Erusean trucks carrying fuel and the blue energy weapon attempt to escape in the sandstorm. AWACS Bandog orders Spare to hunt down and destroy the trucks despite incoming UAV reinforcements.
Faceless Soldier Waiapolo Mountains
Spare Squadron is tasked with eliminating radar sites to slow down the enemy's anti-air capabilities. The squadron gets ambushed by a group of drone F/A-18Fs pretending to be friendly, but AWACS Bandog is able to ID the foes. Full Band gets tagged as an enemy by Bandog and is shot down by Count.
Transfer Orders Borgo dell'Est
Trigger and Count must provide escort for 444th Base Commander Col. D. McKinsey, taking down camouflaged SAM sites and enemy fighters. After crossing the border, the duo are engaged by a prototype drone, but Trigger eventually shoots it down. Cyclops Squadron, who had been chasing the drone, arrive too late to assist Trigger in the dogfight. They escort the three planes to New Arrows Air Base.
Fleet Destruction Snider's Top
Trigger and Count, now part of the newly-formed LRSSG, head north to engage the Erusean Njord Fleet and destroy their supply lines.
Stonehenge Defensive Hatties Desert
The LRSSG, along with several Osean squadrons, must provide time for Major Deanna McOnie and her team to restore the last remaining Stonehenge railgun to bring down one of the Arsenal Birds. After several failed attempts by bombers, attack aircraft and helicopters, and infiltration units, Arsenal Bird Liberty eventually arrives in the airspace. Several Osean craft, including Fencer, are shot down, Skald and Húxiān take damage and are forced to withdraw, and an Erusean agent kills McOnie's survey team, forcing Trigger and Wiseman to cooperate and disable the Liberty's main propellers while the rest fend off the attacking drones. The railgun successfully fires, bifurcating the Liberty and disabling all of its deployed drones. This victory allows Osean and IUN forces to retake half of the continent.
Bunker Buster Sierraplata
Strider Squadron is tasked with helping bombers destroy Erusean missile silos before they can unleash their payloads on Osean garrisons. However, multiple IRBMs are launched regardless, prompting a high altitude chase to shoot them down.
Cape Rainy Assault Cape Rainy
Strider Squadron flies through a narrow canyon at night to launch a surprise attack on an Erusean air base, escorting Basilisk Team along the way.
Battle for Farbanti Farbanti
The LRSSG launches from Cape Rainy to provide air support for the advancing Osean military in a battle to take Farbanti, the capital city. After most of the defending Erusean forces are routed, Sol Squadron arrives. Mister X sinks several Osean warships and engages the LRSSG in an intense dogfight. After Fencer is shot down by Mister X, Wiseman draws the Erusean ace's attention and lures him through the Submerged Area against Count's pleas, getting killed in the process. Trigger then takes command of the LRSSG and engages Mister X in a duel, nearly shooting him down before communications and IFF suddenly break down all over the warzone. In the chaos, Mister X retreats.
Last Hope Anchorhead Bay
The communication breakdown is revealed to be the result of Kessler syndrome resulting from simultaneous Osean and Erusean ASAT operations. In the midst of the chaos, Strider Squadron is tasked with providing cover for a defecting Erusean general trying to broker peace between the warring nations. Throughout the escape, the general elaborates on how the Erusean radical faction conspired using technology borrowed from Belkan to start the war, frame Trigger for Harling's assassination, and manipulate most of the government and military to further their goals.

After successfully escorting the general to an extraction chopper, AWACS Long Caster detects an EASA liaison plane entering the airspace with four escort aircraft. The transport comes under fire from a squadron of Erusean fighters, and Strider is sent to their defense. After fending them off, however, the escorts suddenly target Strider and the liaison plane; an unknown figure aboard the plane reveals that the escorts are autonomous drones. Strider shoots down the escorts as well as a group of MQ-99s that, unbeknownst to almost everyone, were launched by the escort fighters themselves.

In the chaos of the battle, an Osean AWACS mistakenly labels the general and his escort as impostor spies and directs an F-16C to shoot down the extraction chopper, killing everyone on board.

Homeward Tyler Island
The LRSSG heads to Tyler Island to check on Osea's progress of recapturing the island, only to find an anarchic brawl between Erusean radical and conservative factions with retreating Osean forces cought in the middle. The LRSSG proceeds to cover the allied retreat, at the same time learning of Erusean war crimes committed on the island against Belkan workers and civilians alike.

After clearing out most of the island, the Scrap Queen contacts the LRSSG about a group of refugees and defectors surrounded by Erusean forces. Rosa Cossette D'Elise, whose transport was shot down over the island, throws a smoke canister to mark their position, allowing the LRSSG to save them in the nick of time. The Scrap Queen learns from one of the defectors and reveals to AWACS Long Caster that a pair of supply ships containing Helios weaponry and fuel for Arsenal Bird Justice are about to launch. Despite their incredible speed, the LRSSG successfully intercept them.

Lost Kingdom Shilage Castle
Out of options and with their base running out of supplies, Strider Squadron heads to the former Grand Duchy of Shilage to capture supplies from Shilage Castle, which has become a stockpiling base for an independence movement. In an ensuing dogfight with the now-rogue Sol Squadron, Sols 4 and 5 are shot down. The fight is interrupted by Mister X entering the airspace with an X-02S Strike Wyvern and ordering the remaining Sol members to retreat. Trigger takes him on in a one-on-one dogfight and eventually shoots him down. Before ejecting, however, Mister X reveals to Trigger his regret of unwittingly playing a part in the Erusean radicals' plans and begs for him to put a stop to their drone production plans, much the puzzlement of Trigger's wingmen. Cyclops Squadron arrives afterwards with the cargo transports.
Lighthouse Gunther
With the Erusean radicals gathered around the space elevator in Gunther Bay, a coalition of Osean and conservative Erusean forces (including Sol Squadron and the LRSSG, who, along with the coalition, received a message from the Scrap Queen) link up in an attempt to retake the space elevator, finish off the Radicals, and take down final Arsenal Bird, Justice. When the initial naval-aerial saturation attack fails, the coalition is forced to fight off a massive combined force of drones and radical remnants alike until Rosa Cossette D'Elise deactivates Justice's Active Protection System, allowing the coalition to strike the Arsenal Bird directly.

In their bid to evacuate refugees, Spare Squadron gets bogged down by falling drones and Tabloid sacrifices himself to save a little girl from being crushed by falling rubble, sharing his fate with some other refugees. Shortly after the Arsenal Bird's destruction and the space elevator's recapture, Cossette skydives from the space elevator. Simultaneously, a pair of ADF-11F Raven drones enter the airspace and wipe out most of the coalition forces, damage Count's F-15 with a missile, and nearly kill Cossette in the process. The surviving coalition forces retreat, with the Oseans regrouping at the OFS Admiral Andersen, a grounded Osean carrier.

Dark Blue Gunther
It is revealed by the Scrap Queen that the UAVs, codenamed "Hugin" and "Munin," are planning to use the International Space Elevator to transfer their flight data—that of Mister X—to drone factories all across the Usean continent, effectively prolonging the war. To prevent this, the coalition remnants launch one final, desperate assault on the drones. Several fighters are shot down in the dogfight, but Trigger eventually downs both Ravens. However, the last drone detaches a smaller but dramatically more agile UAV similar to the one seen at Bulgurdarest, this time attempting to learn Trigger's flying style, but this drone is also shot down.

Unfortunately, just as victory seems at hand, Rosa Cossette D'Elise warns the coalition forces of a second detached drone. Trigger and Count chase it down through the undersea tunnel that leads to the space elevator's main chamber and destroy it along with the chamber's five data receivers, just seconds away from the transfer. Count, whose engines were damaged by the last drone in a tunnel ambush, makes a belly landing at the chamber while Trigger ascends the elevator's windbreak to escape. As he escapes, the spaceship Pilgrim 1—commanded by former pilot-turned-astronaut Kei Nagase—announces its return to Earth after its seven-year mission. Nagase thanks Trigger and his allies for giving her ship a place to return to as the coalition members celebrate.

Virtual Reality

VR Mission 01 Fort Grays Island
Mobius 1 and other IUN aircraft intercept a group of Free Erusean aircraft headed for the Fort Grays Island Air Base, ordering them to land. However, the aircraft open fire on them, resulting in the IUN fending off three waves of bombers.
VR Mission 02 Scofields Plateau
Free Erusean aircraft are chasing allied bombers who are attempting to land at the base Mobius 1 is stationed at. After one of the bombers get shot down, Mobius 1 and other IUN aircraft take off immediately to eliminate all Free Erusean forces and protect the base.
VR Mission 03 Waiapolo Mountains
Mobius 1 and other IUN aircraft intercept a Free Erusean transport, only to discover that it is unmanned and are ambushed by a large Free Erusean fighter group, losing three pilots. After fighting them off, the elite Ghost Squadron enters the airspace and engages the remaining pilots, but the Ghosts are all shot down by Mobius 1. The whole plan is revealed to be a decoy afterwards, and Free Erusea goes underground once more.

Downloadable Content

Unexpected Visitor Artiglio Port
Following up on intelligence gathered by OIA analyst David North and OADF brigadier general Howard Clemens, Strider Squadron—along with a large detachment of Osean fighters and warships—heads to Artiglio to face off against an equally large Erusean force protecting an advanced submarine aircraft carrier known as the Alicorn. However, the other fighters are late, forcing Strider to engage the Eruseans themselves and fend off enemy attack aircraft. Amidst the chaos of battle, two mysterious Su-47s—"Mimic Squadron"—arrive and engage both Osean and Erusean fighters alike, but are driven off by Strider. They furiously vow revenge on the Oseans.

As Osean forces begin surrounding the Alicorn, Erusean HQ orders the submarine's captain, Matias Torres, to scuttle the ship immediately to prevent its capture. Unfortunately, Torres—who has been planning his escape from the start—rebels, claiming ownership of the vessel to himself and his crew before unleashing the Alicorn's arsenal on the Osean fleet, utterly obliterating it. A squadron of Rafale Ms take off from the Alicorn, one of them carrying a cruise missile, suspected by David to be a weapon of mass destruction. Strider breaks off to intercept the payload and succeeds, angering Torres as his ship escapes into the open sea.

Anchorhead Raid Anchorhead Bay
In an attempt to prevent the Alicorn from joining forces with the rest of the Erusean Navy, Strider Squadron is deployed to Anchorhead Bay under the orders of Brigadier General Clemens to neutralize the docked Rán Fleet. Midway into the mission, the OGDF Tucker Team contacts Strider and informs them of the departure of multiple high-ranking Erusean Navy commanders aboard MV-22s, allowing Strider to effectively wipe out the enemy's chain of command. However, Captain Torres begins indiscriminately firing SLUAV-guided artillery shells from the Alicorn at Anchorhead, damaging aircraft both sides and forcing Húxiān to retreat.

Upon the mission success, Mimic Squadron shows up again and cripples Lanza's aircraft with a stealth missile, prompting a two-on-two dogfight between them and the remaining Strider pilots. Suddenly, Clemens contacts Mimic, ordering them to withdraw to no avail. They refuse, however, prioritizing on shooting down Trigger to bolster their reputation, much to Clemens' outrage. Both Mimic pilots are shot down and killed. Clemens is revealed to have hired the Mimic pilots (hinted to be part of a larger conspiracy to assassinate Trigger) and is additionally revealed to be in contact with an agent from the Alicorn by David North and Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman Edwards. Clemens is assaulted by Húxiān and arrested by military police.

The Alicorn is also revealed to have been using the raid as a smokescreen to resupply itself with tactical nuclear shells amidst the confusion created. Captain Torres's target is determined by David North to be Oured, the capital of Osea.

Ten Million Relief Plan Spring Sea
By cross-referencing Osean sound surveillance networks with the Alicorn's maximum operating depth, David determines that the Alicorn must pass through an area of the Spring Sea, PX80443, to get within range of Oured by the time of his planned attack—September 19, the anniversary of the end of the Usean Continental War. The LRSSG is deployed alongside a small fleet of warships and Specter Squadron—a unit of maritime patrol aircraft—in a search-and-destroy operation to intercept the Alicorn before it can reach Peony Trench, where it will be immune to any and all means of attack.

Despite the efforts of the Alicorn's aircraft, the Oseans succeed in finding the Alicorn and use VL-ASROCs to force the submarine to surface. In the ensuing battle, Trigger manages to destroy the Alicorn's ballast tanks, removing its ability to dive. Desperate, Captain Torres fakes his crew's surrender in order to buy himself time, deploys the Alicorn's main rail cannon, and prepares to fire. Trigger manages to damage the cannon and sends the first shell off-target into the Spring Sea. Before Torres can fire again, Trigger destroys the base of the Alicorn's cannon, causing a lethal chain reaction that bifurcates the submarine, killing Torres and ending the threat to Oured. The Oseans return home triumphant, and David writes a report of the Alicorn missions' events favoring Trigger.