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"In this war, intel is a life-or-death matter."
― Full Band

Full Band was a fighter pilot in the Osean Air Defense Force's 444th Fighter Squadron, Spare Squadron. He often revealed information he had acquired from various sources. As he didn't read too deep into it, the information he revealed is often proven to be false.[1] Count unintentionally shot down and killed Full Band after AWACS Bandog marked his aircraft as hostile.[2]


In July 2019, Full Band took part in Operation High Card; he assisted in deceiving the Erusean military by flying as a decoy aircraft. During the battle, Full Band informed the new Spare Squadron member, Trigger, about his current situation and the meaning of "sin lines".[3]

He later participated in Operation One Pair where he barely helped attack the Erusean base in Roca Roja. Following the death of High Roller and several other Spare members, he retreated from the airspace. After the mission concluded, he joked about betting on who would go to solitary to make up for High Roller's death.[4]

On July 12, Full Band helped escort the Long Range Strategic Strike Group through the Yinshi Valley. During the battle, while Trigger was engaging Mihaly A. Shilage, Full Band once again retreated from the airspace.[5] Ten days later, he helped destroy Erusean fuel supplies at Artiglio Port and later was forced to fly through a sandstorm when Inessa 2 entered the area of operation. When Trigger destroyed a fuel truck with a bright blue explosion, Full Band implied to know the cause of it.[6]

After the previous operation, Full Band acquired more classified information. During Operation Flush, AWACS Bandog confronted him on the matter, leading to Bandog later tagging his aircraft as hostile when Spare was engaging F/A-18F Super Hornet UAVs faking Osean designations. This resulted in Count shooting him down and killing him without realizing who he was. Count blamed Bandog for Full Band's death.[2]