Operation Flush

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"Talk about an enclosed space."
"What's more enclosed than solitary? Commence operation."
AWACS Bandog[1]

Operation Flush was a battle at the Waiapolo Mountains during the Lighthouse War. The operation aimed to destroy the Erusean communications facility which was critical to their drone network.[1]


Due to the successes Spare Squadron saw during their previous deployments, many within the Osean military are beginning to see the penal unit as a valid military force. Denying this, Colonel D. McKinsey ordered the destruction of a communications facility at the Waiapolo Mountains which was being watched over by Erusean spy satellites. Due to this, Spare was informed to remain under the clouds in order to avoid anti-air missiles.[1]


On July 27, 2019, Spare Squadron infiltrated the airspace, flying under cloud cover to avoid anti-air missile attacks. During the operation, Full Band continually discussed his acquisition of classified information, resulting in AWACS Bandog displaying discontent with his actions. As the radar towers were above the clouds, Trigger was forced to quickly ascend for an attack before quickly diving back into cloud cover. Following the destruction of the radar towers, the anti-air missile attacks ceased.[1]

Shortly afterward, a squadron of F/A-18F Super Hornets with Osean markings (but with red light strips by the cockpit) entered the airspace and approached Spare. Posing as friendly aircraft, the squadron engaged Spare, who were unable to return fire due to the IFF system identifying them as allied aircraft.[1]

Spare Squadron forming up on Trigger

To circumvent their IFF systems, Tabloid suggested Spare form up around Trigger, requesting Bandog to mark all radar blips surrounding Trigger as allied. While the squadron was forming up, Bandog asked Full Band for his position within the formation. After Bandog designated the targets, Spare began to engage the hostile aircraft. During the engagement, the hostile aircraft received fire support in the form of Helios burst missiles, launched by the Arsenal Bird. Despite this, Spare managed to shoot down all hostile aircraft.[1]

Following the destruction of the hostile fighters, Bandog marked Full Band as an enemy. As a result, Count unknowingly shot down and killed his wingman. Accused by Count of deliberately setting up Full Band's death, Bandog maintained that it was an IFF accident that "got out of control".[1]


During Operation Gorgon, Erusean General Édouard Labarthe revealed that Erusea had acquired Belkan technology which allowed them to fake IFF designations and create aircraft that resembled Osean fighters.[2]