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"Hey Trigger, why do you think this stupid war keeps dragging on?...It's all because countries exist."
― Tabloid[2]

Tabloid was a fighter pilot in the Osean Air Defense Force's 444th Fighter Squadron, Spare Squadron. He flew a Mirage 2000-5. He was considered the political offender of the squadron. As he always smiled and laughed, his actual thoughts were never known.[3]


Born from a Belkan couple who emigrated to Osea, Tabloid had attitudes of anarchism, believing that citizens are just pawns of their governments. One day, he threw a rock at an Osean government office. He was arrested, tried and convicted, then sent to the penal unit Spare Squadron.[2] The conspiracy theories that came from his knowledge garnered interest from fellow prisoners.[3]

On July 1, 2019, Tabloid took part in Operation High Card and defended the 444th Air Base from invading Erusean forces.[4]

On July 4, 2019, Tabloid participated in Operation One Pair. During the operation, he assisted in crippling Erusean bases located in Roca Roja. However, the Erusean Air Force deployed MQ-99 drones to defend their base. Tabloid managed to survive the encounter.[5]

Eight days later, Tabloid flew during Operation Two Pairs over the Yinshi Valley. The operation aimed to escort both the Cyclops and Strider squadrons while they evacuated. Both Trigger and him were ordered to engage the pursuing Sol Squadron; Trigger dueled "Mister X", leaving Tabloid to hold off Wit and Seymour.[6] Tabloid later shared his experience with Spare Squadron's mechanic Avril Mead after they returned to base.[7]

On July 22, 2019, Tabloid attacked the oil depot at Artiglio Port during Operation Three of a Kind. He later assisted in tracking down escaping tank trucks in the sandstorm.[2]

Five days later, he assisted in crippling the Erusean radar network. Once Spare Squadron was ambushed by a formation of unmanned F/A-18Fs spoofing an Osean IFF, Tabloid suggested that the squadron create a formation around Trigger in order to separate from the drones and have AWACS Bandog tag them as enemies. He ultimately survived the dogfight.[8]

On August 5, 2019, Spare Squadron was deployed to Tyler Island in order to join the operation to liberate the area from Erusean control.[9] Once they had arrived however, the unit was left stranded as the operation was still underway. Tabloid, Avril, and a number of 444th Air Base personnel travelled around the island until they encountered Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise near her crashed transport.[10] On October 10, 2019, they contacted the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, requesting support for multiple refugees they had discovered.[11]

Once they were rescued, the group escaped the island in a boat they had found. Tabloid accompanied them to the International Space Elevator's support facility.[12]

On October 31, 2019, Tabloid escorted the refugees to the space elevator's underground tunnel during Operation Daredevil. He was later killed while rescuing refugees from falling debris.[13]



  • Tabloid shares similarities to Larry Foulke; both look alike in appearance, have Belkan ancestry and have anarchist views.
  • Tabloid's tailcode, "MN" likely means he was stationed at McNealy Air Force Base before he was transferred to the 444th.