McNealy Air Force Base

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"All units, including those refueling at this base, are now under my command. Engage the incoming enemy."
― Commander of McNealy AFB[2]

McNealy Air Force Base is an Osean Air Defense Force air base located in western Osea, northwest of Basset Space Center and due south of Akerson Hill.


On October 1, 2010, Wardog Squadron and a large number of trainee pilots arrived at McNealy for refueling operations. Two days later, McNealy received word that nearby Basset Space Center was under attack by Yuktobanian aircraft. The base commander launched the Wardog fighters to defend the facility; however, the rookie pilots were grounded due to their inexperience.[2] After the engagement, Wardog returned to McNealy, and the trainees departed for Sand Island to reinforce the west coast.[1]

On November 29, McNealy received word that Yuktobanian aircraft, which were currently engaged with Wardog Squadron, were inbound to November City. McNealy hastily scrambled reinforcements, but were delayed due to an aircraft crashing on takeoff. Osean reinforcements eventually arrived at the city, forcing the Yuktobanian aircraft to retreat.[3]


  • McNealy is mentioned several times in Ace Combat 5, but is never shown in-game.
  • In the North American version of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the cutscene showing Wardog and the trainees approaching McNealy incorrectly uses the nonexistent date "September 31".[4]