Operation Silver Bridge

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"Look at all those missiles!"
Hans Grimm

Operation Silver Bridge was an air defense operation performed by Wardog Squadron at the Basset Space Center. [1]


After Operation Whalebird, Wardog Squadron was sent to Heierlark Air Force Base to refuel. They received orders to bring trainees from the airfield to Sand Island Air Force Base, and they had to refuel at several other airfields along the way. While refueling at McNealy Air Force Base, Wardog Squadron was scrambled to defend against an attack on an SSTO craft at the Basset Space Center. [1]


The Yuktobanians attempted to keep the SSTO craft from being launched, first by sending transports to deploy airborne tanks, and then attempting to destroy the Mass Driver with cruise missiles. However, with Wardog Squadron's help, the crew of the Basset Space Center were able to launch the SSTO craft into orbit. [1]


The Arkbird was outfitted with an A-SAT laser that was carried by the SSTO craft. In addition, Wardog Squadron and the trainees at McNealy Air Force Base returned to Sand Island Air Force Base after their fighters were refueled and rearmed. [1]