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Ace Combat: Northern Wings was a Java game for mobile phones released in December 2011. The player takes the role of Grendel 1, an ace pilot of Nordennavic Royal Air Force, who is involved in many secret conflicts around the globe.


  • Pilot 9 different aircraft, from fighters to bombers, including the Arkbird I, each with their own special Counter-maneuvers. There are also purchasable upgrades for aircraft.
  • Over 20 achievements to earn as ribbons and medals.
  • Strategically call in the wingmen, Grendel 2 and Grendel 3, to assist taking down enemies in critical moments.


The game follows the story of the Grendel Squadron, a top secret squadron from the Nordennavic Royal Air Force, in several operations across the globe. The game's plot spans from September 3, 1999 (two months after the Ulysses 1994XF04 impact) through April 1, 2016, the same date as the ending of the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


  • Grendel 1 is the silent player character of the game. A member of the top secret Grendel Squadron of the Nordennavic Royal Air Force.
  • Grendel 2 is one of the wingmen of Grendel Squadron.
  • Grendel 3 is one of the wingmen of Grendel Squadron.
  • General Rasmussen is the man in charge of the Grendel Squadron.
  • General Assembly Commissioner is a VIP of the UN.
  • Razgriz/Wardog Squadron of Osean Air Defense Force.
  • Lt. General Lyes of the Lyes United Front.
  • Supreme Commander Gustav Dvornik of Eastern Front.


Unlike most games in the series, which mainly featured existing or prototype aircraft, Northern Wings features nine new original designs, most of which take design cues from real-life aircraft. Each aircraft can be upgraded twice (excluding the Arvakr V-55 and the Arkbird I).



  • Ace Combat: Northern Wings is the first game of the series where one can control a superweapon as part of the campaign (in this case, the Arkbird).
  • The Grendel Squadron, as well as the brands Mjollnir, Vargr, and Arvakr, are named after concepts from Norse mythology.
  • Ace Combat: Northern Wings is not the first game to feature original aircraft exclusively. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere and Ace Combat Advance also feature their own original aircraft.
  • The events of the game seem to be non-canon to the Strangereal timeline.
  • Grendel 2 and 3 can be shot down from the Arkbird's laser in the final phase of Mission 7, however the player is able to call them back once the wingmen's bar is full again.