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For similar organizations, see United Nations.
For the IUPF in Ace Combat: Joint Assault, see International Union Peacekeeping Force.

The IUN is an international peacekeeping organization in the Strangereal universe. The organization also maintains the IUN Peacekeeping Force,[7] a military force comprised of air, land, and sea units. While some of these are Usean military units,[8] over half of the peacekeeping units belong to the Osean Defense Forces.[9]

The IUN carried out its peacekeeping duties since at least the 1990s and continued to do so in the 21st century. The organization did not directly interfere in major conflicts until 2014 with Free Erusea's second uprising.[1] The IUN was then heavily involved as an Osean proxy in the 2019 Lighthouse War.[2][7][10][11]


The IUN has been referred to by multiple names:

The IUN Peacekeeping Force has been shortened to IUN-PKF,[7] IUN PKF (no hyphen),[1] and IUPF (in the case of IUN standing for International Union).[2]


Early events

The White Valley factory, under IUN control

In 1996, the IUN was involved in a standoff between FCU and Erusean forces in Ugellas and Amber. Following the public announcement of the Ulysses 1994XF04's existence on April 20, the FCU forces retreated from the region, prompting the IUN to retreat as well. The IUN was hampered by logistical difficulties and heavy storms, preventing a full retreat until April 22.[16]

In July 1998, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) publicly announced new findings by the Comona Observatory and Seals Bridge University that confirmed an increased Ulysses impact radius that brought the Anean continent and North Pole into range. The announcement was made due to both the IUN chairman and FCU government agreeing that Stonehenge would not be upgraded to defend Anea, sparking nation-wide protests in Nordennavic, Emmeria and Estovakia against the IUN and FCU.[13]

By December 1998, in preparation for the Ulysses 1994XF04 planetfall, IUN member nations alone already had plans to construct 160 impact shelters, with the Osean and Emmerian capitals of Oured and Gracemeria taking in the largest quantity of refugees wordwide. Despite differences in scale, every IUN member nation announced that they would accept refugees from the Usean continent and its surrounding countries.[13]

In 2006, a year after the Continental War, Free Erusean rebels seized an IUN-controlled former military factory in White Valley.[17] The rebels launched attacks across the Usean continent using arms from inside the factory. The Independent State Allied Forces launched Operation Katina to quell the rebellion.[18] Erusea continued to cede territory to other nations after losing the war, leading to the Gunther region becoming an IUN trust territory.[19]

Control over Usea

IUN's Mobius 1 and Omega 11 launching from the Albatross in 2014

Shortly after Operation Katina, the Independent State Allied Forces was dissolved;[8] the IUN took over its peacekeeping operations, some of its former units,[1] and some FCU assets—including a carrier strike group and the Fort Grays Island air base.[3] They also began to maintain air traffic control across the Usean continent.[1] By 2008, the IUN oversaw Usea's ceasefire after Erusea reformed into a Kingdom. IUN peacekeeping units were deployed to former Erusean territories, including the Gunther trust territory.[9] Osea began constructing the International Space Elevator in the Gunther region; the IUN deployed ships and aircraft there to protect the structure from potential terrorist attacks.[20]

Following the Circum-Pacific War, the Osean Federation became the leader of the international order. While restoring peaceful relations with its former adversary Yuktobania, Osea began dispatching a greater number of Osean Defense Force units to Usean areas most affected by the Ulysses Impact Event, reassigning them as members of the IUN peacekeeping force.[21]

Erusea and its surrounding countries expressed disapproval with the IUN and its perceived hostile activities. The peacekeeping force had a number of clashes with regional protestors.[9] In 2014, taking advantage of the world's military forces being weakened from the Circum-Pacific War four years prior,[1] a group of nationalists in the Erusean military took up the Free Erusean name and attempted to combat the IUN with force.[22][1][5] The IUN Peacekeeping Force ended the short-lived rebellion but feared that it was a sign of future conflict.[23]

Lighthouse War

IUN Peacekeeping Force's Albatross sinking in 2019

By 2019, the IUN Peacekeeping Force was mostly comprised of Osean Federation forces stationed at Tyler Island and various other bases to support the space elevator.[4] In May of that year, the Kingdom of Erusea opened the Lighthouse War, seized the space elevator and Tyler Island, and pushed the IUN's forces to the east of the continent. The Erusean Air Force successfully attacked the IUN's Fort Grays Island base and sank the Albatross aircraft carrier stationed there.[2] Erusean forces also captured an air base in the Scofields Plateau[7] formerly belonging to the IUN.[5]

Osea ordered the IUN to mobilize a counteroffensive against Erusea[24] and to rescue Osea's former President, Vincent Harling, who was hiding in the space elevator.[11] Led by AWACS Sky Keeper, the IUN Peacekeeping Force's aerial squadrons pushed back Erusean forces in the Scofields Plateau[7] but failed to open a safe route in the Chopinburg Rainforest to the space elevator.[10] The IUN instead opted to sneak in a single pilot, Trigger, through Erusea's radar network to help rescue Harling. The mission ended in failure after Harling was killed.[11] The IUN's court-martial mistakenly convicted Trigger for the action, sentencing him to serve at Osea's 444th Air Base.[25] They later pardoned Trigger[26] after discovering an Erusean aircraft faking an Osean IFF was responsible for killing Harling.[27]

The IUN's role for the rest of the war was relatively minor. Osea's Long Range Strategic Strike Group landed at Gardos Air Base, an IUN Peacekeeping Force forward base, following Operation Giant's Step but the IUN had little involvement with the unit.[6]


After the war's end, the recurring threat of terrorism in northern Erusea prompted the IUN to reorganize itself. While Osean troops still represented a large amount of IUN peacekeeping units,[28] more Usean military units were included.[9] The IUN also began overseeing a new air defense force—separate from the peacekeeping force—specifically tasked to protect the new refugee camp at the space elevator.[14]

Memorial Day in Osea

On June 30, 2020, Typhoons, ASF-X Shinden IIs and Mobius Squadron F/A-18F Super Hornets belonging to the IUN peacekeeping forces were showcased at Redmill[29] on Memorial Day, an official Osean holiday where fallen soldiers are mourned. Many members of the IUN-PKF witnessed the ceremony, which also commemorated 25 years since the end of the Belkan War.[30]







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