International Union Peacekeeping Force

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"IUPF" redirects here. For the Strangereal organization featured in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, see IUN.

"That's why the IUPF is mainly comprised of PMCs. Olivieri is behind it all!"
Faryd Gaviria to Antares One[1]

The International Union Peacekeeping Force (IUPF) was a coalition of private military groups formed by Andre Olivieri. Its stated purpose was to defend the world from the Valahia.

However, Oliveri secretly funded both the IUPF and the Valahia to keep the world unstable in order to sell his own anti-war insurance policy as part of his Golden Axe Plan.

The player joins the IUPF for most of the campaign in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


The IUPF was formed after the series of attacks from the Valahia on Tokyo with the funding of Andre Olivieri, who intended to use the organization to battle the Valahia as part of the Golden Axe Plan. Martinez Security, the company who faced Valahia in Tokyo first, also joined the coalition.

The IUPF then launched various operations aimed at halting the Valahia through Europe and Asia, many of them which involved Martinez Security. When the PMC invaded the old missile silo, now as Valahia's main headquarters in the Russian border, Antares Squadron learned of the coalition's true nature, as Faryd Gaviria revealed the truth to them. Frederick Burford, Antares' commanding officer, chose to leave the IUPF in order to halt Olivieri's plans with the squadron following suit.

Known Units