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"Up until now the standard life insurance and property insurance have been woefully inadequate in terms of coverage for any kind of damage caused by war or terrorist acts."
― Andre Olivieri

Andre Olivieri (アンドレ・オリビエリ Andore Oribieri) was the CEO of Olivieri Life Insurance and the mastermind behind the Golden Axe Plan.


Early life

Olivieri was raised in a poor family of immigrants to the U.S.. He later founded Olivieri Life Insurance and made it the world's largest company.[1]

Valahia Crisis

Following the Valahia's invasion of Tokyo, there was a spike in demand for war-related services. In the U.S., war damage insurance skyrocketed, with Olivieri's insurance company profiting greatly[2], despite the severe economic decline.[1]

After having a look at the stocks, Olivieri started to devise the Golden Axe Plan.[2]

After the Valahia leader's latest video was released to the public threatening them with ICBMs and hinting at the Golden Axe Plan, the public grew suspicious of Olivieri and his company.[3]

On April 14, 2011, Antares Squadron was assigned to protect an OLI 747 200B flying over the Valahia-controlled mountain range located in Turkey (with Olivieri on board), with one member of the squadron flying the airliner. He was safely escorted through the mountain range despite heavy resistance.[4]

On May 6, 2011, during Antares' engagement with Varcolac Squadron, the latter revealed Olivieri's true intention, which was to make as much money as possible from the Valahia crisis and form an army with it. This caused Antares and Martinez Security to leave the IUPF and rush back to the U.S. to stop the plan from being executed.[5]

Golden Axe Plan

Following the Valahia's betrayal and their leader's subsequent death, Varcolac's leader, Sulejmani, informed Olivieri about the plan being revealed to Antares Squadron and Burford. Olivieri then ordered Sulejmani to eliminate anyone with knowledge of the plan.[6]

After Burford and Antares' "elimination", Olivieri was informed about the final phase of the Golden Axe Plan and the structure of the private army.[7]

With the destruction of the second Spiridus and the GAF private army forces in southern Nevada, Olivieri immediately launched a full-scale invasion on San Francisco. Antares Squadron quickly dealt with the impending threat and subsequently, Varcolac Squadron. With their destruction, Olivieri made one last stand at his company's main office against Dog Bear and Antares Squadron, but was ultimately killed by the latter.[8]

After the event at San Francisco, Olivieri's true intentions were revealed to the public by the media.[9]



  • When you lock on to Olivieri, it will be displayed as "UNKNOWN, Olivieri" with the Olivieri Life Insurance logo as the target picture.
  • Olivieri is the first human target in the Ace Combat series to which the player can lock on. Previous games often limited themselves to shoulder-mounted launchers.
  • Olivieri is the first civilian antagonist in the Ace Combat series.