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Tokyo (東京) is the capital city of Japan. It has been featured in some recent real-world Ace Combat games, especially as the setting of the first act of Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

The Tokyo map is available as downloadable content for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon's multiplayer mode. It is also the setting of some single-player and multiplayer missions in Ace Combat Infinity.


Joint Assault universe

Tokyo was one of the many cities targeted by Andre Olivieri as part of his Golden Axe Plan and the first to be attacked by the Valahia, a terrorist organization.[1]

In 2010, the Spiridus, a gaint combat aircraft, led an aerial attack on the capital by firing its onboard railgun, severely damaging Tokyo Bay before being repelled by Japan Self-Defense Forces and private military company Martinez Security. Days after the Spiridus' attack, another raid took place involving an Orgoi, an airborne aircraft carrier. Antares Squadron intercepted the aircraft and crippled its vital systems, causing it to sink in Tokyo Bay away from the city.[1]

After the Orgoi's attack, no further raids took place.[1]

Assault Horizon universe

In May 2002, Tokyo was the site of an airspace intrusion incident involving a duo of CFA-44 Nosferatu fighters that overflew the central Japan area, flying at low altitude before disappearing without a trace. The event, along with the September 11 attacks, was the cause for the birth of the F-3 Shinden II.[2]

After the fall of the Russian uprising in 2015, New Russian Federation pilots carried out repeated intrusions into Japanese territory, the most notorious of which was the 2017 aerial bombing of United States Navy assets near the Haneda International Airport. In September 2018, the city was attacked by NRF rebel forces backed by radar jamming from A-50 Mainstay aircraft; however, the vanguard force was destroyed by the ASF-X Shinden II test squadron. In response to the foiled attack, the Ministry of Defense ordered the Shinden II into mass production.[2]

Infinity universe

The crater in Tokyo.

In the continuity of Ace Combat Infinity, Tokyo was one of the many cities ravaged by the Ulysses Disaster. Although most of the city was unscathed, the Shinagawa district was obliterated by an asteroid strike, creating a massive crater, later named the Joto Crater, with a small lake connected to the ocean. This led to the relocation of the government's seat of power, meaning that Tokyo was no longer the capital city of Japan.[3]

In May 2019, Tokyo was hit by a bombing attack involving MQ-90 Quox combat drones, which was repelled by Arrows Air Defense and Security. During Operation Override, it was the site of a major air battle between the UN and the forces of the recently proclaimed USEA Federation ; the latter deployed a QFA-44 jet fighter, escorted by multiple Quox-bis drones with energy laser weapons, and an Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser. All of them were shot down by Reaper, a mercenary aligned with the UN. The USEA Federation would not give up on Tokyo, and over the following weeks attempted to crash four satellites it had seized from the SOLG program into the city. Despite providing aerial escort, including by squadrons of the new ADFX-01 Morgan aircraft, all four were shot down by UNF mercenaries.[3]


Ace Combat Infinity

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ace Combat: Joint Assault


  • Tokyo in Infinity has a similarity with respect to Farbanti, the capital of Erusea. Both capitals were hit by asteroids, and both have artificial islands. In the case of the latter city, Farbanti retains its status as a capital city, while the former was demoted of its own.