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"It may be unmanned, but it's still a very powerful bomber."

The MQ-90 Quox is an unmanned combat aircraft developed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Its design was created by Heijiro Yamamoto, and was based on the ASF-X Shinden II.

The MQ-90 first appeared as the Q-X in the novel Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky, but it was later renamed and prominently featured in Ace Combat Infinity.


"Quox" is a reference to the dragon of the same name from The Tower of Druaga, also made by Namco. This name was also used for the Quox Armored Battalion in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.


Development blueprints of the MQ-90

The MQ-90 uses an "aggressive aerodynamic design",[1] based on the ASF-X Shinden II, with a tailless W-wing configuration. The main wings appear to take up most of the MQ-90's planar design, and it has been noted to look like a bat.[2] The wings are split into multiple moving blades, which can retract or extend depending on the situation. This design allows the MQ-90 to maintain stable long-term flight or make extreme maneuvers in battle by manipulating the blades. Operating the left and right blades asymmetrically can even produce lift while turning, without the risk of stalling.[2]

The MQ-90 has an air intake in the center of its nose, sporting an inlet shock cone. The rear features another air intake, which results in a reduced risk of stalling. The MQ-90's engine is the same F110 model used on the F-2A. Since the MQ-90 does not have a cockpit, the engine occupies nearly the entire length of the fuselage. Despite the aggressive design, the MQ-90 is incapable of supersonic cruising. It can achieve supersonic speeds, but its design emphasis was placed on subsonic speed and manveuverability.[2]

A GAU-19 machine gun sits to the left of the MQ-90's nose. An Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) and other radar equipment sits to the right.[2] The drone uses uses state-of-the-art GPS technology for navigation.[1] The weapon bays normally hold AAM-4 air-to-air missiles,[2][note 1] but they can also carry air-to-ground weapons as well.[1]


Assault Horizon universe

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The MQ-90 was jointly developed by the JASDF and the United States Air Force in the Assault Horizon universe.[3]

Infinity universe

In the Infinity universe, the MQ-90 was developed solely by the JASDF. It was exported to the United States and other American countries by the 2010s.[1]

At some point, a number of MQ-90s were stolen and modified with Wernher-Noah technology. The GPS navigation system was replaced by a top-secret control relay system, for use by the QFA-44 Carmilla. These modified MQ-90s were then used in a terrorist attack against Tokyo and the UNF Pacific Fleet stationed in Tokyo Bay. The UN Security Council believed Wernher themselves were responsible, but Wernher denied any involvement.[1] The modified MQ-90s were later used to defend Excalibur when it was hijacked by the USEA Federation.[4]

Another batch of stolen MQ-90s were further modified with the addition of a Tactical Laser System. These were known as the MQ-90L Quox bis, and were used as loyal wingmen by the QFA-44 when it entered battle directly.[5]



  • The Quox is capable of performing the Pugachev's Cobra maneuver, although it is rare to see it do so.[6]


  1. The ASF-X Shinden II uses the AAM-4 model for its 6AAMs in both Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Infinity.