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"UN Forces!"
― An Aigaion crewmember

The United Nations Forces (UNF) are a formal armed forces coalition of the United Nations in the Infinity universe.


Commonly known by their abbreviated name, the United Nations Forces were formed in the 21st century, in the wake of the Ulysses Disaster, to maintain global stability after the collapse of security forces throughout the world. The UNF was divided in different branches including a ground division, a navy and its own air force, the United Nations Air Force (UNAF). It operated as a professional army independent from other countries, but infrequently acted in conjunction with hired soldiers under the United Nations Independent Commando Services.

In 2019, UNF forces faced opposition from organized terrorist uprisings in Russia and Eastern Europe, leading them to collaborate with mercenary fighter pilots in missions to suppress insurrectionist activities. With the outbreak of Kacper Cohen's newly formed USEA Federation insurrection, they were deployed in operations across Eurasia to counter their offensive.


Air Force

Ground forces

  • Unnamed tank battalion



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Aircraft Inventory

Ground Forces Inventory

Naval Forces Inventory


  • Coincidentally, the United Nations Forces shares its name with an organization of the same name from the anime series Flag.