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"Our cutting-edge technology and dedication to quality have earned us a reputation for excellence around the world. We work together with you to create a better world and a brighter future."
― Excerpt from Wernher and Noah website

Wernher and Noah Enterprises (WNE) is a major arms manufacturer from the Ace Combat Infinity continuity.



A major European weapons brand headquartered in Belgium, Wernher and Noah rose to a prominent role in the aftermath of the 1999 Ulysses Disaster, where it played a major role in reconstruction efforts. It had a branch headquarters in New York City, along with arms plants in Germany and Eastern Europe. Despite their involvement in the arms industry, they gained renown for their ethical and respectful dealings with the public.[1]

In the post-Disaster period, the company earned major profits from the rise of the private military contractor industry and provided support to the special economic zones that housed Ulysses refugees, leading the federations and countries overseeing them to repay them with large portions of land and a sizeable workforce. Their business efforts contributed to recovery efforts across the world, causing the end of global regional conflicts.[1]


In 2019, Wernher and Noah suffered a scandal after a number of unmanned aerial vehicles launched an attack on the Japanese city of Tokyo. The strike group was mostly composed of upgraded MQ-90 models, a product reportedly built by WNE. Shortly after the Tokyo incident, the United Nations launched an investigation on the company. They went as far as to inspect all of WNE's facilities in the special economic zones, one of which was in Iyuli, Russia. During the investigation, the UN discovered plans for an orbital weapon. As a result, this forced the company to fire Kacper Cohen, a chief military official.[1]

In another incident, a transport flight of unknown origin was detected in Comona Base, one of WNE's facilities. The flight was later shot down by Bone Arrow Squadron from Arrows Air Defense and Security. Some time later, a single-stage-to-orbit launch was conducted, likely caused by unknown terrorists who took control of important equipment.[1]

The unknown threat, later revealed to be the USEA Federation, was lead by non other than Cohen himself. USEA then took control of WNE's facilities in the Eurasian mainland in order to build up military strength. They proceeded to capture large amounts of land in what was claimed to be alleviating the suffering of the Ulysses refugees due to neglect by the United Nations.[1]

As a result, Wernher and Noah began to supply UN-aligned mercenaries with various equipment for use during Operation Eternal Liberation.[1]

Organization and products

The WNE website.

A giant of the defense contractor industry, Wernher and Noah was managed by parent company Noah Financial Institutions, a group that received stocks and money from other companies to use them for "the common good". It was divided into several branches overseeing various subjects, including research and development (R&D), administration, quality control, sales, marketing and the three "main industries": arms, space and energy.[1]

Following the boom of the PMC market, the expanded WNE was the producer of various products, including satellite launchers, the Advanced Automated Aviation Plants and aircraft such as the MQ-90 Quox. Years after the Ulysses Disaster, it had become a main arms supplier of the United Nations who refused to intervene in their activities. By 2019, it had planned to weaponize spacecraft under the "Shattered Skies" project, which produced the OLDS satellite weapon.[1]


  • The "Wernher" of the company's name is derived from Nazi German scientist Wernher von Braun, the creator of the V2 rocket and a major contributor to the Apollo 11 project. As well, it is a reference to Strangereal's Gründer Industries and General Resource from the Nemo Project in the aspect of its parent company.
    • On the other hand, Noah was a biblical character who ensured the revival of humankind after the Great Flood, representing its role in the global economy after the Ulysses Disaster.
  • The location of Wernher's headquarters, as well as the ownership by Noah Financial Institutions, appear to be based on the Belgian arms company FN Herstal and its parent group, the Herstal Group.