Orbital Laser Defense System

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For the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies mission used as the project's namesake, see Shattered Skies.
For the Ace Combat 04 superweapon with the same purpose, see Megalith.

"Instead of readjusting orbits to keep the Earth safe, they've rejiggered it to send fragments crashing to the surface, in the area of their choice."

The Orbital Laser Defense System[1] (OLDS) is an orbital superweapon designed by Kacper Cohen as part of Wernher and Noah Enterprises' "Shattered Skies" project. Its original purpose was to defend Earth from asteroid impacts following the Ulysses Disaster, but Cohen secretly developed a method to weaponize it. The USEA Federation took control of the OLDS and used it to attack the United Nations Forces during the USEAn War.


OLDS design blueprints, details redacted

The Orbital Laser Defense System's major components are four large cylindrical constructs with two thrusters installed on the rear of each construct. Two of these constructs are positioned on top of the other two, with one pair on each side of the OLDS. Two horizontal stabilizers are also connected to the cylindrical constructs on top. The rest of the OLDS comprises of one smaller cockpit-like structure at the front and a circular structure in the center. All of these components are attached by a series of interconnected pillars.[2]

OLDS lasers ready to fire on a target

The circular structure in the center of the OLDS houses six laser launchers. When the OLDS chooses a certain piece of orbital matter as its target, these launchers charge for a few seconds and fire on the target. The lasers vaporize the target's surface at a precise angle to use the resulting thrust to change the target's orbit. This targeting system has a safety measure that prevents targeting any man-made structures in orbit.[3]

The OLDS originally could not determine a target's final destination. Its primary function was to drive orbital matter away from the Earth. The USEA Federation redesigned the system to force targets to fall onto Earth, but this had low accuracy due to the system's original function.[3]


OLDS NEO Attack on Bunker Shot.jpg
OLDS meteorites striking UNF forces during Operation Bunker Shot

The Orbital Laser Defense System was conceived after the Ulysses Disaster to protect Earth from further asteroid impacts.[3] Multiple countries contributed to its development, led by Kacper Cohen, the chief military officer at Wernher and Noah Enterprises. Part of the OLDS' development took place at Comona Base in the West Indies.[4] Cohen secretly developed the OLDS into a weapon during this time.[3]

In May 2019, after the terrorist attack in Tokyo, the United Nations performed an emergency inspection of Wernher Noah's Iyuli facilities. The organization discovered the OLDS plans and condemned the company, calling it "a violation of space treaties and a new threat to replace nuclear proliferation." The UN also published a "Weapons Inspection Report for Iyuli Facilities" further condemning the company for supporting terrorist activities. In response, Wernher Noah fired Cohen.[4] Goodfellow used this opportunity and pushed the UN[5] to allow Bone Arrow Squadron to investigate Comona Base and shoot down any aircraft carrying cargo for the OLDS.[4] While that operation was successful, terrorists managed to perform an SSTO launch a few days later regardless.[5]

By mid-2020, the OLDS was fully in the USEA Federation's control and ready for use as an orbital weapon. On September 19, 2020, USEA used the OLDS to drop asteroid debris on the United Nations Forces during their amphibious Operation Bunker Shot. The OLDS destroyed most of the UNF landing forces and aircraft, endangering the operation. Despite the damage and the OLDS continuing the attack, the UNF succeeded its operation. The UN later provided the UNF with detailed information on the OLDS and its capabilities.[3]