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"[It] is a very "accommodating" world, so to speak. But it allows us to do it [with] a sort of sense of reality, it's not completely out there to the point that it doesn't seem at all realistic. It's a balance with fiction with experimental weapons and massive airship carriers."
Kazutoki Kono on Strangereal[1]

Strangereal[a] is the name of the alternate universe within which most Ace Combat games take place. Strangereal's version of Earth features entirely different landmasses and historical events to our own, but the rest of the Milky Way galaxy appears unchanged.

Strangereal, as it exists today, was created by Namco employees in developing Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It has since been used to retcon the setting for the three Ace Combat games before Ace Combat 04. The majority of Ace Combat games take place in this universe, including Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the 13th Strangereal game.


"We coined the term "Strangereal World" when we were making the world of 04 using improper English grammar, but coin it we did. From that point on, for whatever reason, it's become established to users around the world as "Strangereal." For that reason, "True Strangereal" (laughs) is what we call the world based on 04 from which the numbered titles have stemmed."
― Kazutoki Kono on Strangereal's name[2]

The name "Strangereal" was coined by members of Namco's AC04 Project during the development of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. Back then it was simply a design concept and referred to as Strange Real World[b] or Strange Real.[c] Its earliest-known appearance is in a trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2000, advertising "the strange,real world".[5] The official website included staff notes where the concept of a "Strange Real World" was used to refer to the reality within which Ace Combat 04 took place.[3][4] The name "Strange Real" appeared once more in the first teaser trailer for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War,[6] and again, in the form "Strangereal", in the teaser trailer for Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.[7]

Despite the intention of just being a design concept for a fictional universe, fans began to use the name "Strangereal" to refer to the universe itself. For example, the numbered Ace Combat games became known as 'the games that take place within Strangereal'. As such, Bandai Namco[8] and Project Aces[9] began to use the name to refer to the universe, particularly around the marketing for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It has been prominently mentioned as a feature of the game.[10]

Ace Combat: Northern Wings, a game notable for conflicting with history from past games, used the Strangereal name within it.[11] It remains the only game to do so.


For the full history of the universe, see Strangereal/Timeline.
A condensed timeline featuring the major games and events in Strangereal history

A number of major events have occurred in Strangereal's history, most of which were represented in the "Numbered Series" of Ace Combat games. They are as follows:

Below is a graphical representation of the above list, from 1995 through 2040:

Skully Islands insurrection

Skully Islands insurrection
  • Major Event (exact dates unknown):
    01/01/1995 – 31/12/1995
Belkan War

Belkan War
  • Major Event:
    25/03/1995 – 20/06/1995
Ulysses Impact Event
Ulysses Impact Event
  • Major Event:
    03/07/1999 – 21/08/2008
Continental War

Continental War
  • Major Event:
    22/08/2003 – 19/09/2005
Free Erusea uprising
(AC5 Arcade)

Free Erusea uprising
(AC5 Arcade)
  • Major Event (exact dates unknown):
    20/09/2006 – 31/12/2006
Estovakian Civil War
Estovakian Civil War
  • Major Event:
    30/06/2007 – 29/10/2013
Circum-Pacific War

Circum-Pacific War
  • Major Event:
    23/09/2010 – 31/12/2010
Emmeria-Estovakia War

Emmeria-Estovakia War
  • Major Event:
    30/08/2015 – 22/05/2016
Leasath Civil War
Leasath Civil War
  • Major Event (exact dates unknown):
    01/01/2019 – 31/12/2019
Lighthouse War

Lighthouse War
  • Major Event:
    15/05/2019 – 01/12/2019
Aurelian War

Aurelian War
  • Major Event (exact dates unknown):
    01/10/2020 – 25/12/2020
Intercorporate War
(AC3 Japan)

Intercorporate War
(AC3 Japan)
  • Major Event (exact dates unknown):
    01/01/2040 – 31/12/2040
Major Event
Major Event (exact dates unknown)


Strangereal in its entirety appears nearly identical to our real Universe: a large, expanding universe with a small percentage of mass belonging to stars and planets. Strangereal's Earth is located in the same galaxy as our Milky Way since some of the constellations in the Milky Way also appear in Strangereal, including Crux (used in Gryphus Squadron's emblem and as Eugene Solano's callsign, referred to as the "Southern Cross").

Unlike the universe in general, the planet Earth in Strangereal is vastly different from our real Earth. Various differences include climates, landmasses, historical events, and cultures. Similarities exist as well: Humans inhabit this Earth as the dominant species; the concept of time is exactly the same as ours; and lasting world peace seems unreachable, which is a popular theme for most Strangereal-based games.

Strangereal's Earth is comprised of seven recognized continents, each of which is divided into various countries. In total, there are over 50 countries on Strangereal.


Anea is one of the most northernmost continents on the planet. In spite of its geographic position, Anea is home to a variety of climates including deserts. Only three major countries are known to exist on Anea:


Antarctia is the largest continent land-wise. It is the geographic southernmost continent on the planet, and the geographic South Pole is in the center of Antarctia.

No countries, colonies, or research stations belonging to other countries are known to exist on Antarctia. It has not been involved in any known conflicts.


The Osean continent is one of the largest continents on the planet and is home to a large number of people. Numerous conflicts have been fought here, outnumbering the known conflicts on any other continent. The continent is separated into at least a dozen countries. The known countries and their position on the Osean continent are as follows:

South Osea

South Osea is among the smallest continents in Strangereal. Despite being connected to the larger Osean continent, it is still considered its own continent.[12][d] The known countries, from north to south, are as follows:


The Usean continent is one of the smallest continents on Strangereal's Earth, but it has a storied history of rebellions and infighting between its countries. Usea has at least 18 countries[13] most of which are unknown. The known countries are as follows:

Two known historic nations are:


The Verusan continent[14] is another of the largest continents on Earth. Verusa hosts at least 20 countries, the largest number of countries on any Strangereal continent, encompassing


Wellow is one of the northernmost and the smallest continent in Strangereal. Not much is known about Wellow except that there is only one nation that exists there:

Official Maps


Strangereal map in Battlefield 4


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