Leasath Civil War

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The Leasath Civil War was an armed conflict in Leasath.


Sometime in the early 21st century, the Leasathian government planned to finance on arms research and development, making profit by selling arms to countries all over the world. The government faced heavy disapproval of the population and the collapse of the economy resulted into a civil war, ravaging the country.[citation needed] Leasath's neighbor Aurelia was the former's biggest benefactor, providing a variety of vital supplies, which didn't reach the population.[1]

A known participant of the war was the Chimera Squadron, whose actions in the civil war boosted their reputation across Southern Osea.[2] The civil war lasted multiple years[3] before coming to an end in 2019.[4]


The long years of the civil war had left the nation of Leasath undeveloped and impoverished.[1]

Suddenly, military commander Diego Gaspar Navarro rose to power, becoming head of state and ending the conflict. He then blamed Aurelia for taking benefit & exploitation of Leasath, hiding his true intention of financing and exporting the Fenrir, setting off the Aurelian War in 2020.[1]