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Leasath, officially the Democratic Republic of Leasath (レサス民主共和国 Resasu minshu kyōwakoku)[1] (sometimes erroneously referred to as the Peoples[sic] Republic of Leasath[2]) is a nation located in South Osea. It is bordered by the Federal Republic of Aurelia to the southwest and multiple unspecified nations to the west, north and northeast.[3]

Wielding advanced technology and boasting a thriving arms industry, Leasath's military power contrasts greatly with its economy and standard of living, with the Leasath Civil War of the 2010s leaving the country war-torn and its average citizen in poverty.[4] Despite this, Leasath later invaded neighboring Aurelia in October 2020 under the command of Diego Gaspar Navarro, its military dictator. Over the course of the war, it was revealed that Navarro had made a fortune during the civil war off of arms dealing and by appropriating Aurelian relief efforts for his own benefit, leading to his invasion of Aurelia as a replacement for the civil war.[5] Due to this revelation, Navarro was toppled from power after Leasath suffered crippling military defeats, ultimately losing the Aurelian War.[6]

Leasath was the antagonist nation of Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


Early history (–2012)

By 2012, Leasath began focusing more on developing its naval power. As a result, FRONT LINE military analysts suggested that the nation may be interested in purchasing Yuktobania's advanced submersible aviation cruiser Alicorn, although they found Estovakia to be a more likely potential customer.[7] Ultimately, however, the Alicorn was sold to the Kingdom of Erusea.[8]

Leasath Civil War (2010s–2019)

At some point during the 2010s, Leasath fell into a long civil war.[9] During the war, Chimera Squadron established and solidified their status as an elite unit.[10] The war lasted for several years before coming to an end in 2019,[11][2] when Diego Gaspar Navarro came into power. However, as a result of the civil war, Leasath was left in ruin and many citizens were impoverished. Meanwhile, Navarro had made a fortune off of arms dealing during the war, having come to control the nation's arms manufacturing industry.[5]

Memorial Day in Osea (2020)

On June 30, 2020, Leasath, alongside many other nations, attended a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of the end of the Belkan War after being invited by the Osean Federation. As a result, the Leasath Air Force sent five MiG-31B Foxhounds to be displayed alongside the aircraft of other participating nations at Redmill Air Force Base near Oured.[12]

Aurelian War (October–December 2020)

"Let this be a symbol of the fury born by our countrymen towards Aurelia, who have sought only to capitalize on our country's inner turmoil!"
― Diego Navarro[9]

The Invasion Begins

Only a few months later, Leasath invaded Aurelia, its peaceful neighbor to the south; citing "retribution for years of exploitation", under the conspiracy that Aurelia had both endorsed and benefitted from Leasath's crippling civil war.[9] This later turned out to be untrue, with Aurelia in fact being the country's largest benefactor in humanitarian aid and relief.[5] Within ten days after declaring war, 95% of Aurelia fell under Leasath control, the former's forces all but wiped out. The Gleipnir, Leasath's cloaked airborne fortress, played an enormous role in Leasath's rapid victories and advance, even forcing the surrender of Aurelia's capital city, Griswall.[9]

The final bastion of Aurelian resistance was a small military installation in southwestern Aurelia, Aubrey Air Base, which had yet to fall against the invaders' onslaught. In response, Leasath Central Command sent out a squadron of bombers to destroy the base and bring Aurelia fully under their control. Despite the odds stacked against them, the Aurelian Gryphus Squadron destroyed all bombers along with their fighter escorts. The Gleipnir, which was nearby and stationed over the Puna Plains, was promptly ordered to use a Shock Wave Ballistic Missile against the Aurelians to ensure their destruction. Upon impact, the SWBM destroyed most of the fighters; some survived, however, including Gryphus 1, the squadron leader.[11] Footage of this attack was later used as propaganda to weaken Aurelian morale.[9]

Despite the staggering loss, Aurelian forces from Cape Aubrey continued to push southwards towards Port Patterson, a major port and resupply base for Leasath forces. Puna Base, a temporary Leasath resupply base, was quickly captured by Aurelian forces after a surgical air raid, which allowed them to conduct an assault on Port Patterson.[13] By preventing Leasath reinforcements from entering the port, Aurelia managed to capture the base and gained a strategic victory against Leasath.[14] Gryphus 1, who had been instrumental in the Aurelian victory, became known among the war's combatants as "the Southern Cross."[4]

Changing Tides

Upon the capture of Port Patterson, Leasath removed the Gleipnir from the front lines and redirected it to Terminus Island, where it was ordered to remain and launch an assault on Aurelian troops pinned down at Stand Canyon. Meanwhile, they mobilized the Miller Unit to retake Port Patterson. Despite their precautions, however, Leasath was dealt a series of blows, losing both the Miller Unit[15] and their forces deployed to Stand Canyon.[16] While Leasath withdrew the Gleipnir to the city of Santa Elva, Aurelian forces launched a raid on Terminus Island to recover a captive scientist, who provided information on the Gleipnir.[17] A subsequent assault on Santa Elva, while initially disastrous for the Aurelians due to the Gleipnir's Shock Cannon, ended with the airborne fortress's destruction, dealing a crushing defeat to Leasath's military.[18] For this feat, Gryphus 1 earned the nickname "Nemesis" among Leasathian troops.[19]

After suffering further defeats in the Kalana Steppes[19] and at Monte Breeze,[20] Leasath soon also lost control of the vital Sachana Air Base[21] and was unable to protect the jamming system atop Mount Nevera,[22] leaving Griswall open to an Aurelian capture operation. The liberation of Griswall—conducted by both the Aurelian military and the civilian militia known as the Aurelian Liberation Corps—succeeded, despite Leasath's endeavor to use the Meson Cannon defense system against the invasion, along with the attempt of the elite Skylla Unit to destroy the city once it had fallen.[23]

The Truth Revealed

"The future of our country destroyed... all because of one single pilot, Nemesis!"
― Archelon Fortress commander[24]

After Griswall's liberation, it was discovered that Diego Navarro had fled aboard a transport plane prior to the capital's recapture. Navarro was shadowed by Otus Squadron, who discovered that he was heading for a secret complex on Sentry Island. However, moments after their discovery, Otus Squadron were shot down by mysterious aircraft, who attacked by surprise through the use of optical camouflage. Aware of Otus Squadron's unexplained disappearance, Aurelian intelligence later discovered through Leasath reports and satellite imagery that there was indeed a large factory—Archelon Fortress—on the island, and that the aircraft responsible for Otus Squadron's downing was likely a new prototype aircraft called 'Fenrir.'

From this point onward, the war shifted to Leasath territory; Aurelia's advance was spurred by the discovery of Leasathian reinforcements bound for Sentry Island and suspicious activity at Cobalt Cave, the site of Leasath military research facilities. An assault on the Cobalt Cave facility resulted in the destruction of a shipment of microwave weaponry intended for Fenrir, but the elite Alect Squadron managed to reach the fortress unimpeded as a consequence.[25]

After eliminating Leasathian naval reinforcements bound for Sentry Island,[26] Aurelia conducted a final assault on Archelon Fortress. The Aurelians' approach was picked up by Archelon Fortress personnel, who in turn deployed their own complement of aircraft, and crucially, Fenrir—piloted by Alect Squadron—to intercept them. This battle above Sentry Island had been anticipated by Navarro, who had requested extensive coverage of the battle to be broadcast, with the intent of showcasing Gryphus Squadron's destruction at the hands of Fenrir to the world. The eyes of the world watched as, instead, cameras caught the destruction of both Fenrir and Archelon Fortress at the hands of the Southern Cross.[24][6]

This humiliating defeat witnessed by both the world and his own countrymen saw Navarro's tenure as Leasath's ruler come to an abrupt end, as the citizens of Leasath stormed in on the leader that had deceived, betrayed, and failed them. An exposé of Navarro's intentions and the truth behind the war was later written by Albert Genette, who had followed the trail of mishandled funds within Leasath to its source.[6]




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