Puna Plains

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Puna Plains is a low-lying flatland in western Aurelia.[1] During the Aurelian War, it was the location of Puna Base, a resupply base built and operated by Leasath.


Aurelian War

Puna Base was a hastily constructed forward operating base, serving as a resupply base for Leasath bombers. The base housed several B-52H Stratofortress bombers, C-5 Galaxy cargo planes, and F-5E Tiger IIs, A-6E Intruders and F-4E Phantom IIs.[2]

Its air power decimated by the Gleipnir's after the Battle of Aubrey Air Base, and its remaining supplies running critically low, the Aurelian Air Force attacked Puna Base. Not only would this attack make up for lost time and supplies by attacking Leasath's most forward operating base, it would also serve as a staging area for retaking Port Patterson; a key location if the Aurelian forces were able to launch a full-scale counterattack.[2]

The base was heavily damaged by Gryphus One, when he and two Aurelian fighters launched a raid on the base. All bombers and cargo aircraft were destroyed, as well as the primary structures. Leasath forces subsequently abandoned the base, which was later captured by Aurelia. Thereafter, the base served as the staging point for the Liberation of Port Patterson and Aurelia's counterattack.[2]