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Gryphus Squadron is an Aurelian Air Force squadron assigned with maritime defense roles.[1]


The name "Gryphus" is derived from the Andean Condor (scientific name Vultur Gryphus), a species of vulture living in South America. Notably, the bird is one of the national symbols of Chile and the Chilean Air Force, which is one of the countries Aurelia is modeled after.

Gryphus Squadron's official designation is disputed due to an inconsistency in the squadron's aircraft tailcodes. In Eugene Solano's Memoirs, the aircraft are labeled "AB 247", but in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, Ace Combat Infinity, and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the aircraft are labeled "AB 207". In addition, the full name (i.e. "Tactical Fighter Squadron") has never been revealed.


The squadron became one of the last active squadrons in Aurelia during the Aurelian War, and was assigned with the air defense of Aubrey Air Force Base, the last standing AFB on the country.

In October, a Leasath Air Force bomber squadron was sent to Aubrey AFB in an attempt to destroy the base, but were intercepted by Gryphus Squadron while approaching their target. Not all ended well, however, as Aubrey was hit by a Shock Wave Ballistic Missile launched from the airborne fortress, Gleipnir, at Puna Plains in the south. As a result, the base suffered massive damage and most of Gryphus Squadron was annihilated in the missile attack, except for flight leader Gryphus 1, 5 and 6, who followed their leader throughout the war.[2] Afterwards, the squadron went on the offensive, first taking over Puna Plains' forward operating base,[3] then providing air cover for the remains of the Aurelian Army in the recapture of Port Patterson.[4] After the capture of Port Patterson, the Army, Navy, and Air Force began to rush across the southern part of Aurelia, soon capturing Santa Elva, destroying Gleipnir at the same location[5] and pushing into Griswall. However, before Aurelian forces were able to recapture Griswall, the Meson Cannon had to be taken offline or destroyed.[6][note 1]

After the Meson Cannon was destroyed, the capital was recaptured, and the war was technically over. However, Leasath's commanding officer Diego Gaspar Navarro has disappeared, and was followed by the Aurelian Otus Squadron. However, two Otus pilots were shot down by the experimental fighter Fenrir which had launched from Leasath's last stronghold, Archelon Fortress. This marked the beginning to the war's end, and Aurelia began planning a final assault on Archelon.

In late December 2020, Aurelia launched an assault on Archelon Fortress, which concluded with the complete destruction of the installation, as well as the destruction of all existing Fenrir prototypes, complete or not. With the war having come to a close, Gryphus Squadron returned to Aurelia, now hailed as war heroes.[7][note 1]


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  • Gryphus 1 - The commander of Gryphus Squadron. He was responsible for most of Aurelia's counterattack and reclaiming the country from Leasath. All that is known about him personally is that he dislikes hot weather.[8]
  • Eugene Solano, callsign "Crux" - The radio operator for Gryphus Squadron. From his seat at Cape Aubrey, he can monitor the movements of the squadron and provide the same level of support as an Airborne Warning and Control System.
  • Second Lieutenant Rick, callsign Gryphus 2 - He was killed by the Gleipnir's SWBM over Cape Aubrey.
  • Roy, callsign Gryphus 3 - He was killed by the Gleipnir's SWBM over Cape Aubrey.
  • Gryphus 4 - They were killed by the Gleipnir's SWBM over Cape Aubrey.
  • Gryphus 5
  • Gryphus 6



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