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The XFA-24A Apalis is a multirole combat aircraft from the Strangereal continuity.


The name "Apalis" is derived from a genus of passerine birds known for having long tails and small-yet-slender beaks, which are useful for swooping and catching insects in mid-flight. The nose of the Apalis vaguely resembles the beak of a bird, with the sloping of the cockpit and canopy forming the 'face.'


The XFA-24A was a prototype multirole aircraft created in the 2010s in the post-Circum-Pacific War period by an unknown manufacturer. It was designed primarily as a multirole fighter capable of operation under any conditions or circumstances, having been conceived under a philosophy of "not choosing the battlefield." Vaguely similar to a Rafale, it has a large fuel capacity and can carry heavy payloads on account of its design.[1]

The Apalis is a double-delta airframe with canards and a unique paddle-like thrust-vectoring design. Its performance is acceptable in every area, but is the aircraft is particularly suited to ground attack. This is due to a software upgrade, the "Earth Shaker" system, which enhances its ground attack ability by digitally analyzing terrain. Owing to its manufacturing creed, the Apalis was designed to use conventional parts and components to remain active in the face of supply shortages, and does not exceed in any particular aspect of performance to maintain affordability. Its operation is enhanced by the use of canards and thrust vectoring without sacrificing its combat capabilities.[1]



A number of Apalis airframes were in possession of the Aurelian Air Force by the start of the Aurelian War in 2020. Such aircraft were employed by Falco One during the opening stages of the war,[2] and by Gryphus One during the counteroffensive to reclaim the country. Gryphus One in particular used the aircraft to destroy the Gleipnir airship over Santa Elva,[3] before using it during the liberation of Griswall.[4]

Joint Assault universe[edit]

The Apalis was made available for Antares Squadron during the Valahia Crisis.

Game analysis[edit]

Ace Combat: Joint Assault[edit]

"A respectable aircraft in all areas, the Apalis boasts unrivaled expandability."
Hangar description

How to Unlock

Complete "Dragon Lair" in a second playthrough. Costs $140,000.


Speed: Average
Air-to-Air: Average
Air-to-Ground: Average
Mobility: Excellent
Stability: Excellent
Defense: Low


STDM x144
HACM x96
LGWM x192
HVWM x48
UGB x29
XAGM x28
XMAA x36
ODMM x28


  • C01: Light blue body with white front.
  • C02: Desert camouflage.
  • C03: Air superiority gray.
  • C04: Dark gray body with orange tail and wing tips.
  • C05: Black body with orange stripe running down the midsection from nose to tail boom.
  • C06: Dual color body split in blue and red halves. Modeled after the Japanese tokusatsu superhero Kikaider.


Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion[edit]

How to Unlock

Available at start of game in all versions.


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception[edit]

XFA-24A Apalis (ACE-X).png
"A respectable aircraft in all areas, the Apalis boasts unrivaled expandability."
Hangar description

How to Unlock

Complete "Prelude". Costs 8,700 credits.


Speed: 60
Air To Air: 27
Air To Ground: 18
Mobility: 54
Stability: 45
Defense: 48



  • Aurelia: Light blue body with white front.
  • Leasath: Grey camouflage.
  • Special 1: Gray body with white trims.
  • Special 2: Black airframe with orange wing stripes.



  • Gryphus 1 and Falco 1 are the third and fourth player characters to canonically use a fictional aircraft (in their case, the Apalis), respectively. The first was Phoenix's XFA-27 in Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy, and the second was Nemo.
  • The Apalis's gun placement is inconsistent. In the cover art for Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion, as well as that game's CG introductory cutscene, the XFA-24A's gun is placed on the right side of the nose, between the cockpit and the right canard. However, in-game, the gun is instead placed on the right wing root's leading edge.
  • The Apalis's Color 2 (Leasath) is heavily reminiscent of the GRDF camouflage for the XFA-36A Game, featured in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


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