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Nemo (Latin for no one) is the given name of an artificial intelligence created by Simon Orestes Cohen in the 21st century. It is capable of piloting virtual aircraft and making decisions but is incapable of speech or expression. Nemo is the player character in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


In the 2030s, Yoko Martha Inoue and Abyssal Dision were performing research on the concept of sublimation, which would allow for a human to copy their consciousness into the Electrosphere. During a successful test session, in which a copy of Dision's consciousness was uploaded to the Electrosphere, a bomb was detonated by assassins hired by General Resource Limited, killing both Inoue and the human Dision.

Cohen, who had some kind of relationship with Inoue, blamed Dision for her death. He was somehow aware of the existence of Dision's Electrosphere copy and sought to permanently erase it. He created Nemo alongside a simulation of the real world, which included:

  • copies of the real-world organizations General Resource, Neucom, UPEO, and Ouroboros,
  • copies of every historical event,
  • full models of all COFFIN-equipped aircraft,
  • and copies of every person, living or dead.

Cohen then created a simulated conflict between the four organizations and ran the program multiple times to see what the possible outcomes would be.

Due to various decisions within the simulation, Nemo discovered five possible outcomes of the conflict. Cohen, who was watching the program every time it ran and sometimes gave direct involvement to speed things along, was pleased with the results; no matter the outcome, Nemo always killed Dision.

Considering the experiment a success, Cohen then removed Nemo from the program, purged the simulation from existence, and released Nemo into the real world. Its fate afterward is unknown.


Nemo is a program, capable of piloting any COFFIN-equipped aircraft by directly sending input through its systems with extreme efficiency. It can also connect through an available connection directly into the Electrosphere, and even hack into enemy aircraft. When given a choice, it also has the ability to respond with a decision, though it may not be able to provide an answer to open-ended questions.


  • Since Nemo is a program, it would not be able to pilot aircraft that do not feature COFFIN.
  • The player can change the profile's name from Nemo, and it will be reflected in some missions and the game's true ending.
  • In the international release of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, the player is a human and is not given a name at all.