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The Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (ユーピオ UPEO)[2] is an international peacekeeping organization under the Neo United Nations. UPEO maintains the Special Armed Response Force when military intervention is required for peacekeeping duties, as well as the Euro-Asia Public Network for neutral, continent-wide broadcasting.

Despite its aim of enforcing peace, UPEO was a puppet of General Resource Limited until the late 2030s. The organization became more independent with the rise of Neucom Incorporated and with Gabriel William Clarkson taking office as UPEO's representative.[1]

UPEO is the player's initial organization at the start of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. In the Japanese version of the game, the player can defect from UPEO to either General Resource or Neucom.


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Before and After the Faith Park Dispute

The Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) had no real mission or had undertaken significant actions until the 2030s. The UPEO was formed by and operates under the Neo-United Nations (NUN). The NUN, while effective politically and diplomatically, saw that they could not fully enforce their guidelines due to their set position in the international playing field, so an armed intervention/enforcement corps - in effect, a permanent PKO - was created to handle those who continued to stand against the NUN’s directives, sanctions and orders.

The UPEO were called into service by the Neo-United Nations to monitor the situation between the two largest Companies on the planet, Neucom Inc. and General Resource LTD. (GR) As each conglomerate grew, tensions had begun to rise between the two very quickly. The NUN placed sanctions on each company and gave them areas in which they were allowed to operate, but neither company fully abided by these set rules. With the base of command in the Snyder's Top Territory, the UPEO saw its first action during the Faith Park Dispute in the 2040s, an incident which put both Neucom and General Resource on edge.

Fortunately, UPEO had grown into an organization boasting vast manpower, high-end technology, and extensive supplies behind it, making it a force to be reckoned with. Gilbert Park, the Supreme Commander of UPEO, was once an integral part of General Resource’s Head Staff and had been recommended by top GR officials to his current office at the height of UPEO. Park's extensive experience in his former corporation made him highly suitable for the position of UPEO Supreme Commander. Also in the UPEO administration, Gabriel W. Clarkson - a representative of the Usean Government - became the UPEO's official ambassadorial representative to the NUN and other political organizations.

During this conflict, many extremely talented pilots from the Usean Continent joined the UPEO’s ranks. Erich Jager and Fiona Fitzgerald, two of such pilots, had graduated at the top of their respective classes. Also, Rena Hirose, a child aviation prodigy, joined the UPEO pilot corps at the age of nine. All three pilots were assigned to UPEO’s Special Armed Response Force (SARF), which would see much action in the next few years.


Finally in the early 2040s, Neucom fully ignored all NUN sanctions and vectored all of its air transport groups over many major cities in General Resource-controlled territory. The General Resource Defense Force (GRDF) began to engage these transport groups and their escorts over heavily populated urban sectors, endangering the civilians in the area. The UPEO was then tasked with patrolling and reinforcing no-fly zones around every major city and any assigned areas.

In early 2040, a UPEO fighter unit was scrambled to intercept one of the many transport groups which continued to ignore NUN orders. The UPEO unit was forced to engage the transport group over Expo City, the largest city in GR’s territory. An uproar quickly followed this act and Neucom began to launch multiple attacks on General Resource facilities through the Neucom Emergency Unit (NEU), their private army. The UPEO then moved to stop any and all advancements by Neucom by application of military force.

The Corporate War of 2040

Neucom’s opening offensive on General Resource was the start of war between the two conglomerates. In an attempt to stop the fighting, UPEO mobilized as well, working alongside General Resource forces. In response, Neucom officials accused the UPEO was a puppet organization of General Resource, being used to advance GR motives. The fact that UPEO’s Supreme Commander was once a key GR official further reinforced Neucom's suspicions.

The General Resource Defense Force gave many UPEO pilots training alongside their own pilots and supplied the UPEO with General Resource made aircraft. The initial UPEO operations were focused on repelling the initial NEU attacks, intercepting NEU transport groups, and protecting GR facilities. On the defensive, Neucom attempted to gather its forces and recoup at its waterborne fortress, Megafloat. The UPEO’s SARF, however, launched an offensive against the fleets and supplies based on the facility, effectively ending this attempt.

Seeing Neucom forces being increasingly pushed back, General Resource then counterattacked against its rival conglomerate. In accordance with its mission, the UPEO began to protect Neucom facilities against the GRDF’s attacks. In the rapidly changing strategic environment, however, UPEO was rapidly exhausting its resources. Under the relentless assault of the GRDF, even UPEO was unable to stop Neucom from losing an munitions plant and a frontline air base.

As the UPEO did its best to stop the General Resource aggressions, Gabriel W. Clarkson, the UPEO Representative, attempted to defect to Neucom, Inc., forcing UPEO units to shoot down his R-505U transport aircraft, killing him. They also successfully intercepted a large airship filled with chemical weaponry, sent by an unknown terrorist group.

Neucom Inc. attempted to gather it’s forces at Megafloat once again as part of a large-scale counterattack. As before, however, the force was destroyed by the GRDF. In retaliation, a General Resource attack was launched on Neucom’s Port Edwards facilities. The UPEO scrambled its fighter squadrons to stop the large air battle which broke out over Port Edwards. The UPEO managed to stop the battle, but the city was badly damaged.

Finally the Ouroboros, a revolutionary group, arose from the shadows and claimed responsibility for engineering the conflict between General Resource and Neucom Inc. It was also found that the UPEO Supreme Commander, Gilbert Park, was a part of the Ouroboros and had used the UPEO’s SARF Team to attack falsely marked target to continue the aggressions between GR and Neucom. The UPEO then turned to engaging the Ouroboros and stopping them. After multiple engagements over Port Edwards and Megafloat, the Ouroboros were finally cornered at the floating facility. During the final battle Megafloat was destroyed by the Ouroboros, though their entire Air and Naval Fleets, and their UI-4053 flying HQ were destroyed as well. While two aircraft did escape they were later destroyed, though one was at the expense of losing Geofront. The Ouroboros disappeared soon after this defeat.

With the disappearance of the Ouroboros the conflict between General Resource LTD. and Neucom Inc. came to a halt.


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