R-103 Delphinus #3

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The R-103 Delphinus #3 is the third and final model of Neucom's R-series of combat aircraft. It is a highly advanced, powerful and fast fighter-interceptor.


The final expression of Neucom's famous R-10X aircraft line, the R-103 Delphinus #3 features the latest aviation technologies, such as energy weaponry and the COFFIN cockpit system, while including substantial upgrades over the previous models.

The R-103 is a huge aircraft, sporting a multi-winged fuselage that looks somewhat similar to the R-211 Orcinus (both have separated noses and lifting bodies). Its main body is very long, with anhedral, highly swept wings mounted at the back and dihedral, upswept canards mounted just behind the cockpit in the front. Its large stabilators are mounted on the bottom section, and are canted downwards. The vertical stabilizer is the characteristic Delphinus rectangle.

Its power source is two R-102 engines mounted in a pod beneath the main body with a large boom sticking out in front of them, chosen for their incredible power output. It is capable of carrying significantly more weapons than the previous Delphinus types, and its weapon variety has also expanded to include almost all types of standard weapons used by planes of the time, including its Pulse Laser, giving it the reputation of being the most powerful fighter in 2040's battlefield.

The R-103 is a highly capable plane, primarily used in the interception and dogfighting roles. Its main drawbacks are the fact it has the same amount of armor as the R-102 and is less mobile.[1]


In the year 2040, the R-103 passed its test phases and mass-production was started. [citation needed] The plane saw action during the Intercorporate War, and proved to be a little superior to other high-end aircraft of its era in some areas, like the F-22C Raptor II. Cynthia Fitzgerald of the NEU replaced her R-102-C with the new model in order to keep her combat edge.

Ouroboros fielded black-coloured R-103s as well, serving as escorts of the group's forward base, the UI-4053 Sphyrna. These frames were acquired from defecting NEU pilots.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"An all-mighty aircraft that has enhanced power and stability of the Delphinus #2, and the last in the Delphinus series. It possesses impeccable performance in all abilities, including turning, speed, power, and stability. By using two of the Delphinus #2's engines, it was possible to substantially increase its mobility. Additionally, canards were installed near the front, and it can achieve higher agility regardless of the pilot's skill."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock

  • Japanese version:
    • Neucom: Available before "Utopian Dreams".
    • Cynthia's personal version: normally unobtainable, but can be made playable by using the "deadcopy" save file found in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Direct Audio/AppenDisc.
    • Ouroboros: like with Cynthia's R-103, can only be made playable by using "deadcopy".
  • International version: Complete "Plumber".


Power: 15
Attack: 14
Defense: 8
Stability: 12
Mobility: 10


  • Length: 20.66m
  • Width: 13.80m
  • Height: 4.90m
  • Weight: 10,040 kg
  • Max speed
    • Japanese Release: 3,920 km/h
    • International Release: 4,290 km/h