MIRV (weapon)

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MIRV missiles in flight.

The MIRV is a missile-type weapon featured in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


The MIRV is a unique type of missile, which carries 4 small, self-propelled warheads within its main bus. They separate from the missile when near the target and individually attack it. These are, however, nothing like an actual MIRV system - they are not re-entry vehicles, and they are not independently targetable (they all home upon the aircraft the main bus is targeting).

MIRV missiles are compatible with a variety of aircraft, such as the R-series, the F-15S/MT Eagle+, and the Su-43 Berkut. As well, they have the ability to track both aircraft and ground targets, making them versatile weapons. However, the collective power of the 4 warheads equals that of a Missile, with each individual warhead having only 1/4th of the Missile's power.