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The UI-4053 Sphyrna is a dirigible used by the terrorist organization Ouroboros as the group's main forward base and headquarters.


"Sphyrna" (σφῦρα) is Greek for "hammer". The term is used for a genus of hammerhead sharks; the UI-4053's design, particularly its nose section, appears similar to a hammerhead shark. Sphyrna follows Neucom Incorporated's naming scheme for aircraft based on genus of living creatures, especially fish, but no other connection between the UI-4053 and Neucom is known.


The UI-4053 is a non-rigid airship, a "blimp", that was made by an unknown manufacturer to act as a aircraft carrier and ECM support asset, but was stolen by Ouroboros and made into their main headquarters.

It is possessed of a single large turbine engine in its envelope, and two smaller turbines in wings extending from the gondola. The wings are complemented by "canards" in front of them, and huge spoilers on both the front and the back of the envelope.

It is capable of launching and recovering several types of aircraft. Within the front of the gondola, a high-powered catapult has been installed. In its rear, a large hangar area has been installed. During recovery of an aircraft this section opens and large arms extend in order to latch onto the aircraft and pull it within the hangar area.

The UI-4053 is also used as an ECM platform. It is capable of performing area-wide, multi-frequency jamming. [1]

Its specifications are as follows:[2]

  • Length: 238.5 m (782 ft)
  • Width: 90.92 m (298.3 ft)
  • Height: 53.44 m (175.3 ft)
  • Max takeoff weight: 254,200 kg (560,400 lb)
  • Top speed: 404 km/h (218 kn; Mach 0.33)


Ouroboros logo on board UI-4053


When several NEU, SARF and GR pilots defected to the Ouroboros, they went to the UI-4053 to join Abyssal Dision, now an AI which led the group, inhabited the UI-4053's systems and directed all Ouroboros operations. NEU ace Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald also joined the group for personal reasons.

In the Japanese version of Electrosphere, all story paths will invariably lead to the destruction of the Sphyrna, however the circumstances in which the airship is destroyed will vary according to the route.

Ouroboros I

Following Dision, the Ouroboros opening operations begin in Port Edwards, killing NEU officials, destroying buildings, freeways, bridges and defenses throughout the city, all while the Sphyrna is used as their command post. [3] An attack on the city of Megafloat was also performed, before Cynthia joined the group and destroyed many facilities and defenses at Megafloat. The Sphyrna comes under attack by a cruise missile launched from an NEU submarine, but it is promptly shot down before it strikes the blimp. [4] After Dision and Rena are betrayed by Nemo, the Sphyrna stands by during the dogfight between Nemo and Rena, and is destroyed by Nemo shortly after it defeats Rena. [5]

Ouroboros II

Following Cynthia, the UI-4053 and Ouroboros attack Expo City and destroy multiple UPEO aircraft, SAM vehicles and other facilities, while Cynthia landed at the UPEO HQ, kidnapping Rena Hirose & bringing her to the Sphyrna. [6] It was there that Dision announced a devastating attack would be launched against Megafloat. Shortly thereafter, Cynthia left the group and attempted to stop the Ouroboros attack. Megafloat came under siege by a naval and air fleet, led by the Sphyrna. Despite Cynthia's efforts Megafloat was destroyed by the X-49 Night Raven's laser cannon, however; Nemo destroyed the X-49, the UI-4053 and Dision in quick succession. [7]


In a mission to destroy a General Resource armoury in Expo City, the UI-4053 was initially utilised by UPEO as ECM support, while the attack was carried out with SARF pilots flying the R-211 Orcinus. The attack, which was later revealed to be targeting civilian housing, sparked hostilities between General Resource and Neucom. Gilbert Park transferred the UI-4053 to Ouroboros during these battles. [1] After a series of messages broadcast by Ouroboros, Rena went to the UI-4053 to see Dision, and discovered that the X-49 was on board the airship. Meanwhile, Nemo along with Erich Jager, were quick to follow Rena. [8] After destroying the escorts, they witnessed the X-49 damage the UI-4053 with its Laser Canon and get shot down in retaliation. Nemo and Erich proceeded to attack and destroy the UI-4053 above Expo City. The airship was finished off by Erich. [9]


Nemo and Fiona Chris Fitzgerald are sortied by Neucom to first strike Ouroboros before General Resource, and to do so by destroying the Sphyrna over Port Edwards. [10] However, they are unable to take down the blimp, and Neucom order them to shoot down the Sphyrna at a different site and time, in a second attempt to destroy it. [11] Even this proves unsuccessful, with the Sphyrna still remaining airborne, and Nemo and Fiona are sent for the third and last time to destroy it after the X-49 destroys Megafloat. They succeed this time, and the Sphyrna goes down. [12]

General Resource

After Rena destroys Megafloat and returns to the Sphyrna, the airship is targeted by General Resource in a preemptive strike to prevent any harm to General. Nemo and Keith Bryan swiftly destroy it and draw out the X-49. [13]

International version's Intercorporate War

The Sphyrna was first sighted over Megafloat, the Neucom-made floating city in the Usean Ocean, and was intercepted by UPEO's ace, but it escaped soon afterwards. It is then sighted flying over Port Edwards surrounded by a large aerial fleet. The UI-4053 and its deployed aircraft are intercepted once again, but the battle ends with the Sphyrna leaving the battle area once again, though it is heavily damaged.

The UI-4053 is then sighted for the last time over Megafloat during the 'Ouroboros' final full frontal assault. The UI-4053 enters the battle area after the Ouroboros fleet is destroyed. The UI-4053 then launches the X-49 Night Raven which destroys Megafloat with a large Laser Cannon. The UI-4053 and its escorts are re-engaged and shot down by UPEO's ace soon after.

As it fell into the Usean Ocean the Sphyrna launches two aircraft, the UI-4054 Aurora and the X-49 Night Raven, which escape into Geofront, a large underground city under the Usean Ocean.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"An airborne carrier serving as the core for Ouroboros operations. Everything about it is big, and the aircraft is armed with machine guns and has decent attacking capabilities. Thanks to its size, it can house the Night Raven in its belly."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.



Ouroboros: Blue with white ventral surface