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Rena Hirose (紘瀬玲名), commonly referred to as Rena (レナ),[5] is a Usean fighter pilot who works for the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) as the flight leader of the Special Armed Response Force (SARF). She suffers from the rare Silverstone disease but is recognized as a prodigious ace pilot. She joined General Resource Limited at a young age before leaving for UPEO.

Rena is one of the central characters of the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. She is first introduced as one of Nemo's allies, but if the player defects from UPEO they will be forced to shoot down Rena later in the story.


Early life

Rena was born somewhere in Usea on April 27, 2021. She was born with Silverstone disease, giving her a fatal vulnerability to sunlight. With her profession as a pilot, the media portrays Rena as a "tragic heroine" due to her illness.[2]

Rena displayed her innate ability to pilot aircraft at a young age. She joined General Resource at nine years old.[2] The company's secret Darkness of Enigma project decided to use Rena as their test subject. She underwent artificial nerve surgery[6] and, on July 21, 2032, she successfully piloted the X-49 Night Raven for the first time. From that point on, Rena developed an obsession with the X-49.[7] However, the company's upper management disagreed with using Rena and dissolved the entire program.[8] Rena partially blames Abyssal Dision, part of General Resource at the time, for the program's dissolution.[9] In 2037, Rena left General Resource in frustration and joined UPEO.[10] By 2040, Rena became the flight leader of UPEO's SARF unit.[1]


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At the beginning of Simon Orestes Cohen's simulated Intercorporate War, Rena was deployed with Erich Jager and Nemo to intercept a Neucom air unit passing near Expo City. After Gilbert Park became the commander of UPEO, Nemo was transferred to the Special Armed Response Force.

At the end of every story branch, Rena is brainwashed by Dision and forced to fly the X-49 Night Raven. Her ultimate fate depends on Nemo's choices through the simulation - of all 5 outcomes, Nemo allows her to live in only one.

Ending A (join Dision)

Nemo and Keith Bryan fight a brainwashed Rena over the destroyed Megafloat. Keith flies his XFA-36A into the X-49 and wedges himself in the Night Raven's wings, slowing it down and allowing Nemo to destroy it. Both planes crash in the ocean, killing both Rena and Keith.

Ending B (join Keith)

Nemo pursues Rena into the underground Geofront and destroys the city's support pillars in an attempt to kill her. After this fails due to Rena escaping, Nemo and Keith engage her over Port Edwards and eventually kill her.

Ending C (join Cynthia)

Nemo and Cynthia pursue Rena into the Geofront and battle her inside before killing her in a battle over Port Edwards.

Ending D (Join Fiona)

Nemo and Fiona bring down the Sphyrna and pursue Rena through Geofront. They emerge on the other side of the city and shoot down both Dision and Rena, the latter with the aid of Simon Cohen hacking the X-49. She is rendered comatose and found by ground crews.

Ending E (Follow Erich)

Nemo discovers that UPEO commander Gilbert Park is allied with the Ouroboros terrorists and attacks the UPEO headquarters, killing him as he tries to escape. Rena briefly joins Ouroboros, and later betrays Dision but is shot down and crash-lands in a beach in Expo City, waving happily as she sees Nemo and Erich fly above her.



  1. Rena's nationality was listed as Japanese in a PAL press kit for a fully-localized version of Ace Combat 3 that never came to fruition.