Spread Bomb

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The Spread Bomb is a weapon seen in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


The weapon in question is a basic unguided bomb. The weapon was targeted by using a pipper, and it was effective at destroying ground targets. It is only usable in the mission simulator, unlocked by completing the game on normal difficulty; but the weapon, like the Orbital Satellite Laser, could be used by all aircraft. However, in the Japanese version, it is equipped as a normal secondary weapon on the F-16XA and the R-211.


  • This weapon, alongside the Anti-Nanobyte Bomb, marks the first attempt at making an unguided bomb usable in the Ace Combat series, where most weapons used were missiles.
  • Interestingly, the bomb pipper only appears when locked on to ground targets. If locking on to air targets, regular missiles are used. This could be an attempt to switch from missiles to bombs, predating the ability to switch from missiles to special weapons.
  • There exists a cheat in the export release where bombs can only be used, preventing even missiles from being used. This could add extra challenge to the game.