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The R-101 Delphinus #1 is an original aircraft introduced in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere and later added to Ace Combat Infinity. It is the very first model of Neucom's R-series of combat aircraft, a sophisticated and agile fighter-attacker.

Its inclusion in Infinity marks the first time an Ace Combat 3 aircraft was featured in another Ace Combat game.


The name "Delphinus" is Latin for "dolphin". The word is used as the genus for the common dolphin as well as the constellation Delphinus.


Produced in the first half of the 21st century, the Delphinus #1 laid the foundation for Neucom's R-numeral series of aircraft. The jet was developed using Neucom's expertise in the aviation field, being built from newly developed composites and alloys. It is powered by high-powered turbofan engines, and uses laminar flow control technology to dynamically manage airflow. The R-101 pioneered the AI-handled development techniques employed by Neucom by 2040.[1]

Its specifications are as follows:[2]

  • Length: 20.48 m (67.2 ft)
  • Width: 12.6 m (41 ft)
  • Height: 4.1 m (13 ft)
  • Weight: 8,098 kg (17,853 lb)
  • Top speed:
    • Japanese AC3: 2,856 km/h (Mach 2.3; 1,775 mph; 1,542 kn)
    • International AC3: 3,992 km/h (Mach 3.3; 2,481 mph; 2,156 kn)
  • Armor: Light



The R-101 was the main fighter aircraft of Neucom's armed forces during the Intercorporate War, where it served on the frontlines. It was eventually upgraded into the R-102 and R-103. An export model, the R-101U, was sold to the UPEO to reinforce their own air fleet.[3]

Infinity universe

The R-101 was developed by Neucom in the Infinity universe as well. After its design was created, Neucom sold the plans to Wernher and Noah Enterprises to be developed under their Advanced Automated Aviation Plants for use among United Nations Forces mercenary pilots.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat Infinity

"Developed by Neucom, the Delphinus series of aircraft forms the core of the "R-numeral" fleet. This is the first aircraft within the Delphinus series. It uses technology from Neucom, the leading company in the aerospace industry. 90% of its airframe structure is comprised of new materials and it also features a newly developed high power engine. In addition, the airflow across the aircraft surface is controlled dynamically via laminar flow control technology. When this aircraft was first revealed, it's[sic] state of the art technology captured the attention of people around the world including military personnel.
*The in-game screen display will change to a design inspired by ACE COMBAT 3 when this aircraft is used."

How to Unlock

The R-101 Delphinus #1 can be unlocked through the Aircraft Tree.

Special Function

The R-101 is the first aircraft in Infinity to come with special features. When flying an R-101, the player's HUD will look similar to that from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere in all three camera views. The sound effects for locking on and firing a missile are replaced by those from Ace Combat 3 (the standard high-pitched tone for standard missile lock, and a lower-pitch tone for special weapon lock). The "Destroyed" display is also replaced by "Bingo" or "Bulls Eye", complete with the female voice-acted line from Ace Combat 3 for each. In addition, during Mission Updates, the preview image at the top-right will slide into and out of view instead of popping in and out on the standard HUD.
1 825 4,590,000 520 124 24 B+ B D+ A D D+
2 874 2,727,000 590 126 28 B+ B+ D+ A D+ C
3 923 3,942,000 660 128 32 A A C A+ D+ C+
4 972 4,644,000 730 130 36 20 A+ A+ C S D+ B
5 1021 7,047,000 800 132 40 21 S A+ C+ S D+ B+
6 1070 14,850,000[a] 856 134 44 22 S S C+ S C A
7 1119 7,290,000 912 136 48 23 48 S+ S+ C+ S+ C A+
8 1168 8,100,000 968 138 52 24 52 S+ S+ C+ S+ C S
9 1217 8,910,000 1024 140 56 25 56 S+ S+ B S+ C S+
10 1266 9,990,000 1080 142 60 26 58 S+ S+ B S+ C S+
11 1317 11,070,000 1136 146 62 27 60 S+ S+ B S+ C S+
12 1368 12,690,000 1192 150 64 28 62 S+ S+ B+ S+ C S+
13 1419 13,500,000 1248 154 66 29 64 S+ S+ B+ S+ C+ S+
14 1417 15,525,000 1309 158 68 30 66 S++ S++ A S+ C+ S++
15 1521 17,010,000 1360 162 72 32 70 S++ S++ A S+ C+ S++
16 1591 22,464,000 1417 164 74 33 72 S++ S++ A S++ C+ S++
17 1654 25,650,000 1472 166 76 34 74 S++ S++ A+ S++ C+ S++
18 1717 28,863,000 1528 168 78 35 76 S++ S++ A+ S++ B S++
19 1780 36,882,000 1584 170 80 36 78 S++ S++ S S++ B S++
20 1843 46,521,000 1640 172 84 38 82 S++ S++ S S++ B S++
Part Slots
At Lv.1, this aircraft carried 29 BODY, 27 ARMS, and 28 MISC part slots. See Tuning § Slot Expansion for further information.
Upgrading this aircraft to these levels unlocked the respective nicknames for use at any time.
  • Lv.3: SARF
  • Lv.10: NEU Consulting Pilot
  • Lv.15: Chief Consulting Pilot
  • Lv.20: Sky Gangster


  • Default: Air superiority gray


Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"The first unit in the "Delphinus" mainline fighter series, a core part of Neucom's brand new "R numeral" aircraft lineup. Many of Neucom's world leading aviation and space industry technologies found their way onto this craft. There are too many advances to mention completely, but some include the use of new materials in about 90 percent of its construction, new high thrust engines, and laminar flow control technology to dynamically manipulate the air on the craft's surface."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock

  • Japanese version: Two versions of this aircraft are available, depending on which branch the player chooses.
    • R-101 (Neucom version) — Only available through the 'deadcopy' save file found in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Direct Audio/AppenDisc.
    • R-101U (UPEO version) — Available after completing "No Clearance" OR "Fragile Cargo".
  • International version: Complete "Scramble" with an A rank.


Power: 8
Mobility: 6
Stability: 8
Armor: 2
Attack: 7




  • The YR-99 Forneus from Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception bears a resemblance to the R-101. Coincidentally, both aircraft use laminar flow control technologies, likely implying that Simon Cohen used the Forneus as an inspiration for the Delphinus in the Nemo Project, but it is unknown whether the R-101 was already developed by that time.
  • Despite this aircraft having a UPEO variant, the export version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere uses the standard Neucom paint scheme for the playable R-101, with the only difference being the Neucom emblem on the vertical stabilizer being replaced with the UPEO emblem. This is also in spite of the export version having the R-101U in-game.[4]


  1. Players could use one Nonstandard Upgrade Request Form instead of credits for the Lv.6 upgrade.