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"Our conglomerate's continued goal is to provide the software to build tomorrow."
― Company spokesperson[1]

Neucom Incorporated,[a] occasionally Neucom Group,[b] is a multinational corporation. The company has developed many advanced scientific technologies, some for military purposes. The company's headquarters on Earth is located in Port Edwards.[2]

Neucom, along with its rival competitor General Resource Limited, functions outside of the framework of nations. The company has territorial holdings across the Usean continent and has sold some of its aircraft designs to the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization.

Neucom was one of the four factions the player could join in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. In the international version of the game, the company was known as Neuwork.


The company is organized into five distinct departments:[1]

  • Neucom Info[c]: information technology
  • Neucom Space[d]: space development
  • Neucom Bio[e]: biotech and nanotech development
  • Neucom Sphere[f]: communications development, named after the electrosphere
  • Neucom Publishing[g]: public relations and foreign affairs


Possible precursors

N7 Smartphone billboard at Anchorhead

By 2019, nu-COMM released the new n7 gaming smartphone, and began advertising it on billboards in Anchorhead.[3]

In 2020, the Aurelian Air Force operated the YR-99 Forneus and YR-302 Fregata, while the Leasath Air Force operated the YRB-89. All three of these aircraft featured highly innovative designs, including the use of laminar flow control to reduce drag.[4]

These design concepts are also seen in Neucom's later R-numeral series,[5] and all three aircraft feature a "YR-" prefix, indicating that they were developed either by Neucom or one of its predecessor companies.


By sometime in the 2020s, Erusea was forced to privatize its space agency, the Erusean Air and Space Administration, due to the agency's repeated financial difficulties. Erusea issued government bonds to facilitate the privatization.[6] Following this, the agency pursued a joint venture with a major airline corporation, which resulted in Neucom's incorporation.[7][2]

Some members of General Resource's development staff transferred to Neucom in 2030.[2] These scientists ended up as the core of Neucom's staff,[8] propelling the company's prospects and expanding its potential over the next decade.

Major developments

One of the company's earliest developments was the Neucom Visual Server, a private broadcast network on the electrosphere.[2]

Neucom also began full development of its original R-numeral aircraft series, beginning with the R-101 Delphinus #1.[5] The "R-" stood for "radical", referring to the planes' cutting-edge technology.[9] In addition, all of these aircraft featured modern implementations of the Electro-Neuron-Synapse-Interface standard for Connection For Flight Interface.

In 2032, Neucom began development on a major satellite network.[10] The company absorbed many telecommunications and software companies two years later,[2] which rapidly sped up the satellite network's development. The general public began to see Neucom's rapid development using absorbed technology companies as inhumane.[11]

In 2033, General Resource shut down the Darkness of Enigma program, which was being used to develop the X-49 Night Raven. The DOE team members defected to Neucom and developed the XR-900 Geopelia using the Night Raven's design concepts.[12]

Neucom Bio had also begun experiments with nanotechnology. The department was developing Nano-Bytes in the Chopinburg Rainforest, but in 2035 a major accident occurred and the Nano-Bytes damaged many areas on the Usean continent.[10][11][13] A similar incident occurs during the Nemo simulation.[14] Neucom Bio also acquired an area in the Sandbury Desert formerly used by General Resource for constructing a geodesic dome, which was never finished.[15]

In 2039, Neucom completed its largest project: the development of Megafloat, a large city constructed on water.[10] The city was solely owned by Neucom and populated by company personnel.

General Resource disputes

General Resource saw Neucom's rapid development in the 2030s, which began with hiring former General Resource staff, as a threat to General Resource's economic interests. In 2036, disputes began to escalate between the two companies.[10] General Resource, which had the support of multiple Usean governments,[13] imposed economic sanctions against Neucom and began to slander its name, ruining its public image.[11]

In 2038, armed skirmishes began to take place between the two companies' military forces.[10][11] The Neo United Nations was heavily involved in attempting to de-escalate the situation and avoid the possibility of a war.[9]

Nemo simulation

In Simon Orestes Cohen's Nemo simulation, it is assumed that the Neo United Nations' efforts to maintain peace between the two companies failed. Conflict came to a head in the Faith Park dispute when Neucom forces attacked General Resource forces in Faith Park Gorge.[16]

UPEO route

Around 2040, a Neucom transport unit was sighted flying over the General Resource-owned Expo City, and a GRDF fighter squadron was sent to shoot it down. A battle ensued, and multiple civilian lives were lost. NUN attempted to place severe sanctions on both companies, but to no avail.

Later, another Neucom transport unit flew over Expo City intending to drop illegal containers on it. Nemo, Abyssal Dision and Keith Bryan, in the middle of a combat exercise, interjected and destroyed the containers, leading to Neucom becoming agitated and declaring war on GR. [17]

After declaring war against GR, Neucom began amassing forces at its city Megafloat. UPEO, intending to prevent a conflict from breaking out, sent Nemo to shoot down Neucom's warships.[18]

Soon after the Megafloat incident, GRDF sent Dision, Keith and a squadron to shoot down an NEU base. UPEO sent Nemo in response to protect the base. [19]

Much later, Fiona Fitzgerald and Del. Gabriel W. Clarkson attempted to defect to Neucom in an R-505U while under escort from Erich Jaeger and Nemo. Whether or not they succeed depends on Nemo's actions. [20]

If Nemo chose to shoot down the R-505U, Neucom would assault GR's White Valley AFB in R-311 Remoras, engaging GRDF's RF-12A2 Blackbirds in an extremely high-altitude dogfight while UPEO once again sent Nemo to quell the conflict. [21] A string of events involving Neucom and Nemo would unfold, such as Nemo having to defend the R-352 Sepia as it launched into low-Earth orbit, [22] a nanobite outbreak at multiple Neucom facilites having to be quelled by him, [14] and even Neucom lending him, Rena and Erich their R-211 Orcinus to destroy a GRDF armory. [23]

The situation worsened and became a war after the UI-4053 Sphyrna was revealed to have been taken over by Ouroboros, and Neucom and GR regularly engaged in skirmishes. They were eventually taken down by Nemo, as well as the former Neucom dirigible.

General Resource route

A Neucom air base was bombed by Nemo, Dision and Keith, putting GR into direct conflict with Neucom. [24] Megafloat [25] and a microwave power plant [26] are also hit by them, increasing casualties.

Neucom then send R-311's to assault White Valley AFB, encountering RF-12A2's again. [27] In retaliation, GRDF either shoot down an R-808 Phoca space shuttle on its final approach to Earth, [28] or destroy the R-352 in the middle of its launch. [29] They also send Nemo and Keith to destroy one of their missile bases under extremely foggy conditions [30] later following up by destroying an entire Neucom fleet. [31]

GR continued assaulting Neucom, destroying a fleet at Megafloat. [32] Neucom stopped being involved in the war later, however, due to Megafloat's destruction by the X-49.

Much later, after the end of the war, eight Neucom-built XR-900 Geopelias were sighted causing carnage over Port Edwards. Nemo scrambled, hacked into one of them and flew it back to GR. [33]

Neucom route

Neucom's involvement in their own route is much the same as the other routes with events like the White Valley AFB assault, R-808 recovery and R-352 launch simply playing out from the perspective of a now Neucom-aligned Nemo. Neucom, however, then sends him, Fiona and Cynthia to assault a GRDF base hoping to staunch GR's power in preparation for an invasion. [34].

Later, Neucom attacks Ouroboros, to no avail since the X-49 destroys Megafloat in this route as well. It withdraws as a result.

Ouroboros (I) route

Neucom scientists attempt to escape with the remaining NEU forces, but are stopped dead by Nemo and Dision. Even after firing an SAM at the Sphyrna, they are unsuccessful. [35]

Ouroboros (II) route

Neucom have no active involvement in this route other than having previously provided Nemo and Fiona's R-103 Delphinus #3's.


"Neucom" is a portmanteau of the words neuron and computer.





Advanced Fighters

Other Aircraft


Naval Vessels

Other Weaponry

  • Heavy Laser Cannon
  • Pulse Laser Gun




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