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The R-505U is a passenger aircraft developed by Neucom Incorporated and exclusively used by the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization for the transportation of high-ranking personnel.


The R-505U is visibly based on the Concorde. It features two off-set closed wings, which decreases induced drag. For added stability, the wing design includes a set of canted tips. This stability is unprecedented for similar aircraft of the era, and passengers hardly feel the aircraft turning.[1]

As with other aircraft of the era, the R-505U apparently utilizes a COFFIN design, eliminating the need for cockpit windows.


Neucom developed the R-505U as part of its R-numeral aircraft series. Despite this, the aircraft was provided to UPEO for their exclusive use.[1]

Within the Nemo simulation, UPEO representative Gabriel William Clarkson, escorted by Fiona Chris Fitzgerald, attempted to travel to a détente conference in Cape Rainy using the R-505U. Nemo and Erich Jager escorted the aircraft. The R-505U came under fire from both General Resource Defense Force and UPEO aircraft over the Lambert Mountains, prompting Clarkson to redirect the aircraft to Neucom-controlled Dennis Airport and defect to Neucom.[2]

Depending on Nemo's decisions, the R-505U will either be shot down and everyone on board killed,[3] or the R-505U will safely land at Dennis, followed by Clarkson, Fiona, and Nemo defecting to Neucom.[2] In the former scenario, Nemo and Erich realized that they were being used by Gilbert Park to shoot down the R-505U, allowing Park to take control of UPEO and fuel the war further.[3]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"Has a form with flowing lines and is a design one can easily distinguish with one look. There is very little swaying of the fuselage, and it offers a comfortable ride."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.


  • Length: 80 m (262.46 ft)
  • Width: 22.6 m (74.15 ft)
  • Height: 9.2 m (30.18 ft)
  • Weight: 181,030 kg (399102.83 lbs)
  • Max speed: 3,060 km/h (1901.40 mph or aprox. Mach 2.49)
  • Crew: 38[2]