Sandbury Desert

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Sandbury Desert is a vast desert located in San Salvacion, in north-central Usea, southeast of White Valley and north of the Lambert Mountains.


The Sandbury is an arid, topographically diverse region. The desert features vast seas of smooth, flattened sand and low-lying, wind-eroded mountains. Although vegetation is scarce in the Sandbury, the landscape is speckled with many striking canyons and mesas.


Usean coup d'état

On August 4, 1998, a Usean Allied Forces intelligence-gathering E-767, callsign "Cassiopea", was shot down by rebel forces and crash-landed in the Sandbury Desert. Scarface Squadron was subsequently dispatched to support Red Bear Squadron's efforts to rescue Cassiopea's crew. Despite attacks from rebel bombers, helicopters, and tank units, the crew of the E-767 was rescued, and the operation was a success.[1]

Intercorporate War

During the simulated war between Neucom Incorporated and General Resource Limited, a group of GR scientists were kidnapped by Neucom agents. The kidnappers then attempted to escape aboard a train heading eastbound through the Sandbury Desert; however, UPEO aircraft intercepted and destroyed the train, preventing Neucom from acquiring GR's researchers.[2]