White Valley (location)

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White Valley,[1] also known as White Valley Bay,[2] is a sparsely populated subarctic region located on Usea's northernmost peninsula.[3]


Usean coup d'état

Usean Rebel Forces were assembling their air power in White Valley. In response the Usean Allied Forces sent Scarface Squadron to fly in low altitude and conduct a surprise attack on the enemy base.[3] The event did not make an appearance in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.

2006 Free Erusea uprising

The White Valley military factory

The IUN held control over a former military factory in the White Valley region.[4] In 2006, a group of high-ranking Erusean Air Force officers started a resistance movement against Erusea's interim government and the Independent State Allied Forces. The resistance movement, known as Free Erusea, attacked the factory and stole many weapons, using them to combat the ISAF across Usea.[2]

In response, the ISAF launched Operation Katina, sending Mobius 1 to suppress Free Erusea. During the final engagement of the uprising, Mobius 1 directly attacked Free Erusean forces at the White Valley factory. As a last resort, Free Erusea deployed a flight of experimental UAV X-02 Wyverns. Mobius 1 shot down all of the X-02s, bringing the rebellion to an end.[5]

Intercorporate War

By the 2030s, the General Resource Defense Force constructed an air base in the White Valley region.

During the simulated Intercorporate War, Neucom Incorporated sends six R-531 Moburas to attack the General Resource air base. The specifics of the battle depend on Nemo's allegiance during the operation: