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The Usean Allied Forces was a military coalition among many Usean countries. It was formed in response to the growth of Osea and Yuktobania, and was one of many historical efforts of unification on the Usean continent.

The Usean Allied Forces only existed for a brief time. They fought the Usean Rebel Forces during the Usean coup d'état, and were victorious in the conflict, but they were disbanded prior to the onset of the 21st century.


Following the Belkan War, the countries of Osea and Yuktobania emerged as the world's main superpowers. Fearing their expansionism, several Usean countries banded together and formed an alliance to unite the continent. It is believed that the Usean Allied Forces came out of this very alliance. However, some southern nations rejected the idea of allying with the northern countries and chose instead to ally with Osea, who extended a military pact in response.[2]

On the day of the treaty signing between Osea and the southern Usean countries, numerous soldiers and officers across the continent, including those within the ranks of the Allied Forces, initiated an armed coup d'état and took control of the continent. The Usean Allied Forces responded in kind, but were forced off of the continent. As a result, the Allied Forces initiated Operation Fighter's Honor, which involved hiring the mercenary Scarface Squadron to fight against the rebels.[2]

Over the following months, the Usean Allied Forces would gain further territory and push back the Rebel Forces. Eventually, the Allied Forces took the rebels' makeshift capital in Saint Ark, followed by destroying their final stronghold, Fortress Intolerance. The war was concluded at this point, with order being restored to the continent.

It is not clear what became of the Usean Allied Forces following the conclusion of the war. Ulrich Olsen implied that it would be disbanded and its member countries would be left to their own devices for a time before Usea's unification would be re-attempted.[3] It eventually was, through the formation of the Independent State Allied Forces.





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