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Partners is the 22nd mission in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. It is the third mission in the General Resource (I) arc, and is played if the player destroys all targets in Megafloat or allows the Hydrofoil to escape in that mission.


In order to reduce Neucom's production capabilities, you will carry out a night raid operation in an energy plant area. if we destroy their key microwave power plants, we will greatly reduce their war potential. However, because of radio interference in the area, missile guidance is expected to not work. You will be forced to attack directly with your gun. We believe that with your skill, that we can expect a significant military victory. -Good luck.


The mission's primary targets are the power plants. There are also several R-101s, R-201s, and R-701s, in addition to SAM sites and AA guns.

After the power plants are destroyed, the reactor core is exposed and becomes a target. If the player does not destroy all targets in less than five minutes, the player will earn a mission over.

Enemy List

Section Unit Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirEnemy.svg R-101 3
Icon-AirEnemy.svg R-201 4
Icon-AirEnemy.svg R-701 2
Icon-GroundTGT.svg POW. PLANT 4
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg GUN 4
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg MSSL 4
Mission Update Icon-GroundTGT.svg CORE 1


Obtaining an A-Rank requires destroying 18+ enemies in less than 5 minutes. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to destroy all targets, the player will earn a Mission Over and a D-Rank.


You succeeded in destroying the target. We've greatly disturbed Neucom's production lines.