Santa Elva

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Santa Elva is an Aurelian city and is a major location in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. It is located in southern Aurelia, where the Lenal River runs through it.[1]


During the Aurelian War, Santa Elva was captured and subsequently used by Leasathian forces as a base for their airborne fortress, the Gleipnir.[2]

Following the Davis Unit's rescue at Stand Canyon, Gryphus Squadron and a number of ground forces proceeded to Santa Elva in order to liberate the area. The advancing Aurelian forces were met with heavy resistance from the Gleipnir. Despite the sheer strength of the airborne fortress, Gryphus One shot down the Gleipnir before it could wreak havoc with its Shock Cannon on the city. The Gleipnir subsequently crashed into the Lenal River.[2]