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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Leasath Navy is the sea branch of the Leasath Armed Forces that was active during the 2020 Aurelian War. The force was primarily concerned with coastal and amphibious operations.


In 2012, Leasath's Naval Forces were undergoing an expansion. Some speculated that they might want to obtain the Alicorn, but no such deal ever went through. The branch's role in the Leasath Civil War is unknown.

In late 2020, Leasath launched an invasion of its neighbor Aurelia, alleging retribution for years of exploitation. The Leasath Naval Forces played a role in the initial invasion by deploying amphibious units to capture Challwa, an operation that failed due to intervention by Falco Squadron. Thanks to the power of the Gandr and Gleipnir, the invasion continued regardless. A small fleet was deployed to capture and guard Terminus Island, which became one of the aerial fortress' runways.

The invasion started to falter again when Aurelian forces rallied under the Aurelian Air Force pilot Gryphus One. Leasath deployed another amphibious force to Port Patterson to stem the tide, but it was also sunk. Leasath continued to lose ground to repeated counter attacks, with Terminus Island being freed along the way.

After Aurelia had been liberated, Aurelian forces became focused on destroying the XFA-33 Fenrir program. A large naval fleet with two aircraft carriers was dispatched through the Danern Straits to Sentry Island to help defend Archelon Fortress. All deployed vessels, along with all Fenrir airframes, were destroyed.

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