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Redmill is a city on the southeastern coast of Osea. Redmill is located southeast of Osea's capital, Oured, and northeast of Bana City.[1] Redmill is home to the Osean Air Defense Force's Redmill Air Force Base.[2]

On Memorial Day 2020, the Redmill Air Force Base hosted a large number of foreign air units, most notably the ace squadrons that participated in the various conflicts that occurred since the end of the Belkan War.[2]


On June 30, 2020 (Memorial Day 2020), the Osean Federation held a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of the end of the Belkan War. Unlike previous years, the Osean government formally invited foreign nations to participate in the event, including Erusea, Yuktobania, Emmeria, Estovakia, Leasath, Aurelia, Ustio, Sapin, Central Usea and Belka. Overall, the number of foreign aircraft that flew to Redmill for the event exceeded 120.[2] An ADFX-01 Morgan was also flown at the event, and select reporters were allowed to ride in an Osean F/A-18F Super Hornet to follow and take pictures of the aircraft.[3]

On July 10, GAZE published a special issue detailing the event, featuring a picture of aircraft from multiple nations at Redmill Air Force Base on its cover.[2]