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Bana City, also known simply as Bana, is a college town located on the southern coast of the Osean Federation, due south of Oured. It is likely one of the most prominent college towns in the country.


Bana City is located on the southern coast of Osea, bordered by the Spring Sea to the south and a hilly region inland from the coast. A large coastal inlet separates the city into two areas known as the east and west "banks" of the city. Several bridges span the inlet, including the famous Marvin Bridge. By 2019, the city possesses a large naval port for the Osean Maritime Defense Force.

The Bana City Police Department is known as a formidable law enforcement agency: it possesses a substantial number of squad cars and officers, some of whom utilize unconventional weaponry and tactics to apprehend more dangerous suspects.[2]


Circum-Pacific War

On November 4, 2010, Bana was attacked by Yuktobanian terrorists in retaliation for an earlier attack on an engineering college in Dresdene. The Yuktobanian Sudayev Commando Team released a lethal nerve gas into various areas around the city; the resulting number of civilian casualties was high, and the beleaguered police tried to maintain control of the situation.[2]

In response, Wardog Squadron—flying Osean Capital District Air Defense fighters specially equipped with a neutralizing agent—was dispatched to the city to negate the effects of the gas. After the gas was neutralized, the terrorists attempted to escape with their remaining weapons in a truck, but the Bana City Police Department pursued and eventually cornered them on Marvin Bridge. The terrorists then summoned friendly helicopters to support them, but Wardog intercepted and destroyed all of the helicopters. The terrorists surrendered soon after and were taken into custody by the local police.[2]

Lighthouse War

During the Lighthouse War, Bana's naval port was one of many Osean naval ports struck by Erusea's drone attacks. All of the aircraft carriers stationed in the port sustained heavy damage in the attacks.[3]