Sudayev Commando Team

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"Sudayev Team to helicopter. The enemy planes are fighters. Be careful."
― Sudayev Team commando[1]

Sudayev Commando Team was a special forces unit of the Yuktobanian Army and perpetrators of the Bana City terrorist attack on November 4, 2010. Sudayev's actions were in retaliation to the Dresdene terrorist attack, which was believed to have been committed by Osean Air Defense Force fighters two days earlier.


Sudayev Team infiltrated the college town of Bana in southern Osea and released nerve gas from canisters placed throughout the east and west banks of the city. Bana City's first responders, including the Bana City Police Department, and Wardog Squadron were called in to counter the effects of the lethal gas.[1]

After Wardog neutralized the chemical agent, Sudayev Team attempted to flee the area, but was pursued by local law enforcement officers and the Wardog fighters. During the pursuit, the commandos attempted to lighten their truck and slow down their pursuers by tossing unnecessary items onto the roadway.[1]

The Sudayev Team attempted to cross Marvin Bridge heading eastbound, but was cornered by a barricade of patrol cars on the bridge's east span. The Yuktobanians exchanged gunfire with police officers, hoping to be extracted by Kedar Team, an AH-64 helicopter unit that was already en route to the city. However, Kedar was intercepted by Wardog.[1]

With no hope of rescue, the Sudayev Team surrendered and was taken into custody by the police. In the end, Sudayev's actions resulted in the deaths of at least 300 Osean civilians.[1] The fate of Sudayev's members after the war is uncertain, although it can be presumed that they were either imprisoned or, given the extent of their actions, executed by Osea for their war crimes.


  • During the pursuit through Bana, one of the items Sudayev throws onto the roadway is "fried chicken".[sic]
  • If the player completes "Chain Reaction" instead of "Reprisal", the debriefing will state that the terrorists who attacked Bana City eluded capture by Osean authorities.