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The Yuktobanian Army is the land warfare branch of the Yuktobanian military. It is a large force comprised of multiple units, including a number of special forces units. The only known major deployment of the Army was during the Circum-Pacific War.[1]


The Yuktobanian Army played a major role in the Circum-Pacific War. After the Scinfaxi destroyed several Osean carriers during the battle of the Eaglin Straits, the Yuktobanians discovered that the Oseans were preparing to equip the Arkbird with an A-SAT module in order to neutralize the Scinfaxi's burst missiles. An airborne unit was sent to the Basset Space Center to stop the SSTO craft carrying the A-SAT module, but the mission was a failure due to the intervention of Wardog Squadron.[2]

Several days later, the Yuktobanian Armed Forces began an amphibious assault on Sand Island Air Force Base in an attempt to gain a forward base in Osean territory. The assault was supported by long-range fire from the Yuktobanian Navy and burst missiles from the Scinfaxi.[3]

After the invasion failed, the Osean Army decided to launch their own amphibious assault on Bastok Peninsula in an attempt to establish a beachhead on the Yuktobanian mainland. Despite fierce resistance, the Osean Army overwhelmed the garrison.[4]

In the following month, the Yuktobanian Army quickly lost ground, and the Osean Army was able to reach Cruik Fortress, which was the last line of defense standing between the Oseans and the Yuktobanian capital, Cinigrad. After heavy fighting and air support from Wardog Squadron, the Osean Army captured the fortress and began preparations for an assault on Cinigrad.[5]

However, after Wardog Squadron was framed as spies and shot down, the Circum-Pacific War broke into a stalemate. The Yuktobanian Army was able to regain some ground, but the war did not end until President Vincent Harling and Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor held a peace talk in Oured, which officially ended the war.[6]


Special operations forces

Airborne units

Landing units

  • Boris
  • Khrabry

Artillery units

  • Vasily


  • Bicar
  • Bolzoi
  • Fedoro
  • Ijema
  • Kiparis
  • Pargin


Yuktobanian BMD-1 attacked Osean ground forces