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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Fortress is the eighteenth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Wardog Squadron assists Osean ground forces in capturing Cruik Fortress, Yuktobania's last stronghold before its capital city, Cinigrad.


Briefing Officer: Before the Osean ground forces can proceed into the Yuktobanian capital fortress of Cinigrad, they'll have to deal with Cruik Fortress, directly in their path. The robust defense of this fortress has stalled the advance of our armies for the past five days. If this situation continues for much longer, it will give Yuktobania time to complete preparations for a counter-attack. We need to take the fortress and enable our ground forces to reach the enemy capital as quickly as possible. To do this, we will launch an air attack on Cruik Fortress. Our last attack sortie fell prey to their anti-aircraft guns and air defense fighters. Deal a decisive blow to the fortress and its surrounding air power, and support the ground forces as they penetrate the complex. Open the door to Cruik. The day of Cinigrad's liberation is near.



The mission's objective is to protect the Osean ground forces as they close in on and move through Cruik Fortress. The first stage of the attack sees the ground forces moving to the fortress, guarded by numerous pillboxes, bunkers and fighters that the player must destroy to protect the ground forces.

Mission Update

Once the ground forces break through the outer wall and into the fortress, the player must destroy enemy tanks inside the fortress, bunkers surrounding the fortress and enemy fighters to protect the ground forces as they advance through. Numerous enemy AA guns and SAMs are also deployed. The mission ends when the ground forces break through the other side of the fortress.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 11,000 points.[1]


The debriefing is only shown when the mission is completed during Free Mission mode. During Campaign mode, the mission skips the debriefing and goes straight to the next mission.

--Emergency transmission from Central.



  • Contrary to their stated mission, the Ferdelance Brigade does not make any attempt to capture Cruik; they simply move through the fortress itself to reach the northern entrance.
  • In the opening cutscene prior to this mission, the aircraft inside the hangar is a wrecked X-02 Wyvern. This backstory behind this X-02 is elaborated upon in Aces At War: A History.[citation needed]