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"Hang in there, Nagase!"
Alvin H. Davenport

White Noise is the fifteenth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. At the end of the mission Chopper is going to ask Blaze if he loved the song "Face of the Coin". Answering "yes" will result in the player's next mission being 16A. Answering "no" will result in the next mission being 16B, to which Chopper humorously comments that Blaze loved "Back of the Coin".


Orson Perrault: Bring back Captain Nagase. Don't make us have to give her a posthumous two-rank promotion.

Briefing Officer: We've succeeded in tracking down Captain Kei Nagase's distress beacon. We will now launch a combat search and rescue operation for the Captain. Captain Nagase is currently on the run from an enemy patrol. Although she's being pursued, her distress beacon is still broadcasting. This transmission is extremely weak, so we cannot confirm her location unless we get closer to the source of the signal. Follow the signal to find Captain Nagase's concealed location as quickly as possible. Once you find her, report her location to the Sea Goblin Helicopter Squadron. The helicopter search and rescue team is expected to face stiff opposition from enemy air and ground forces. After the helicopter team picks up Captain Nagase, provide air support for them as they airlift her out.


Player needs to locate Nagase by using the distress signal sensor. The signal gives a high pitch sound when the player is flying in the right direction, and as the player gets closer the frequency of the signal increases. A jammer aircraft will appear when the player gets close, and it will interfere with the signal sensor's function until it is shot down.

Once Nagase has been located, Sea Goblin's helicopter will fly towards Nagase's position. There are a number of SAMs and AA Guns along the way that will threaten its approach. Defend Sea Goblin and destroy any enemies that are close to it. The mission will end when the helicopter successfully reaches Nagase.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 8,000 points.[1]


Our combat search-and-rescue for Captain Nagase was a success. We're having a physician check on her condition right now.