Operation Stray Sheep

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Operation Stray Sheep, also known as the Rescue at Glubina was a rescue operation of the Circum-Pacific War.


During the POW rescue mission in the snowy Glubina region the previous day, First Lieutenant Kei Nagase of the Osean 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron, was shot down by an anti-air missile from a seemingly deserted bunker. Having ejected safely, a gunship of the Sea Goblin unit attempted to rescue her, but ended up crashing due to the rapidly-deteriorating weather conditions. The remaining three pilots from Wardog, along with the Sea Goblin helicopters, returned to base to resupply and make preparations to rescue her and the helicopter crew once the snowstorm had passed.


The next day, with better weather, Sand Island AFB commenced a rescue operation in order to rescue Captain Nagase (all members of Wardog Squadron had since been promoted). Nagase deployed a distress beacon in the wilderness, which was received by Sand Island. However, the beacon's signal was extremely weak, thus leaving Nagase's location unclear; furthermore, she was being actively pursued by a Yuktobanian search party. Alongside the Sea Goblin helicopter unit, Wardog Squadron was dispatched to Glubina to recover the Captain, while destroying all opposition that hindered their progress.

The squadron's craft were equipped with a special beacon sensor in order to trace Nagase's signal, and pinpoint her location. While being pursued by Yuktobanian interceptors, Wardog Squadron followed the beacon's signal believing that it would lead them to her; however, they discovered that a decoy signal generated by an E-767, which was promptly eliminated. Wardog proceeded with their mission, until they reached Nagase's position. With her location confirmed, Sea Goblin then approached the battle zone, thus calling the attention of the Yuktobanian forces in the area. Wardog Squadron was ordered to protect the helicopter from threats in the air and on the ground. Thanks to their combined efforts, Sea Goblin successfully rescued Captain Nagase along with the Osean helicopter crew.


The mission concluded in Nagase's safe return home. It was discovered that Nagase actually rescued the crew of the crashed gunship, tended to their wounds, and led them through the forest out of harm's way. Furthermore, she had captured a couple of Yuktobanian soldiers who had been pursuing her, and interrogated them at gunpoint. She had discovered from them that a growing number of Yuktobanians were just as confused about the war as Wardog Squadron, and were doubting some of their superiors and their actions.