Operation Desert Arrow

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"I feel like a waiter taking orders in a packed restaurant."
Hans Grimm[1]

Operation Desert Arrow was an operation that focused on destroying Yuktobanian forces in the northern Jilachi Desert.[1] It was conducted concurrently with Operation Desert Blitz, which targeted Yuktobania's forces in the southern portion of the desert.[2]


After rescuing Nagase from Glubina, Wardog Squadron continued to support the Osean Army's offensive. Eventually, the Osean Army began preparations to destroy Yuktobanian forces at the Jilachi Desert in a decisive battle.[1]


On November 25, Wardog Squadron was sent to the northern part of the Jilachi Desert to defend Viking Squadron and the 1st Tank Battalion. These units had very important roles in the operation; Viking Squadron's mission was to bomb a Yuktobanian field headquarters, while the 1st Tank Battalion's mission was to occupy an enemy-occupied airfield. With Wardog Squadron's support, both units completed their objectives. [1]

Wardog Squadron then received an assignment to shoot down two Yuktobanian AWACS units and a KC-10 Extender that had entered the airspace. With their destruction, the Oseans now had complete air superiority. [1]


With the success of Operation Desert Arrow and Operation Desert Blitz, the Jilachi Desert fell under Osean control. As a result, the Osean Army began preparations to conquer Cruik Fortress.[1]



  1. Only if the player chooses Mission 16A: "Desert Arrow."