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Glubina is a mountainous region in northeastern Yuktobania, southwest of Okchabursk and northeast of the Jilachi Desert.


Glubina's topography varies between steep hills, coniferous woodlands, shallow valleys, and expansive windswept plains. The region's high elevation provides for frigid temperatures, harsh winters, and intense blizzards.


"That's weird. Zudak still hasn't come back from the bathroom."
Yuktobanian soldier[1]

In 2010, during the Circum-Pacific War, Glubina's desolate landscape served as the site of a Yuktobanian internment camp for Osean prisoners of war. On November 17, the OMDF's Sea Goblin special forces unit infiltrated the camp's radio room and prepared to liberate the prisoners. Despite blustery conditions, Wardog Squadron cleared the surrounding airspace of Yuktobanian aerial patrols and anti-aircraft weaponry, which cleared the way for the helicopter units to successfully extract the prisoners.[1]

Although the mission was a success, 1st Lt. Kei Nagase was hit and shot down by a surface-to-air missile; however, she was able to safely bail out of her crippled aircraft.[2] When the Sea Goblin gunship attempted to rescue her, the blizzard began to intensify, causing the gunship to crash. The Osean forces were consequently forced to withdraw from the area, leaving both Nagase and the Sea Goblin survivors stranded in the wilderness.[1]

By the following morning, the weather conditions had improved, allowing Wardog and Sea Goblin to launch a search-and-rescue operation for their missing comrades. Both Yuktobanian and Osean patrols scoured the area in search for the Osean airmen. After an intense pursuit, Nagase and the Sea Goblin crewmen were rescued by their squadmates and received medical treatment for their injuries.[3]



  • "Glubina" (глубина) means "depth" or "deep" in Russian.