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"This is Sea Goblin. Is Captain Nagase there? ... That helicopter ride was pretty comfy, eh? Hey, if you ever wanna transfer here, lemme know."
― Sea Goblin[1]

Sea Goblin was an elite joint Osean Maritime Defense Force-Osean Marine Corps unit assigned to the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet's flagship, the OFS Kestrel. Sea Goblin saw considerable action during the Circum-Pacific War and frequently performed combat operations alongside Wardog Squadron.

They were later deployed on an ill-fated rescue operation during the Lighthouse War.


Circum-Pacific War

Sea Goblin's first known deployment in the war was during Operation Backhaul on November 17, 2010. The helicopter team was charged with rescuing Osean prisoners of war from an internment camp in Glubina, central Yuktobania. Despite blustery conditions, the infiltration units landed at the camp and escaped with all of the POWs inside. After Kei Nagase was shot down by a Yuktobanian SAM, the Sea Goblin gunship attempted to rescue her, but unfortunately crashed in the raging snowstorm.[2]

Nagase, who had survived the SAM and safely ejected from her aircraft, rescued the crew of the fallen helicopter and led them through the wilderness until Wardog and the rest of the Sea Goblin unit returned to save them the following day. Her actions ensured the survival of the entire team.[3][4]

On December 7, Sea Goblin participated in the ruse orchestrated to convince the Oseans that the fugitive Wardog pilots had been killed in action. After Marcus Snow shot down the suspected spies, the Sea Goblin gunship reported that there were no signs of survivors, then secretly retrieved them from the ocean and transported them to the Kestrel. Two days later, on December 9, Sea Goblin participated in the effort to rescue Osean President Vincent Harling from captivity in Stier Castle. The team successfully freed Harling and escaped through heavy gunfire and anti-aircraft barrages.[1] The gunship then safely transported the president back to the Kestrel.[5]

President Harling boarding Sea Goblin's gunship bound for Oured

Several weeks later, on December 22, Harling attempted to broadcast his voice to the Osean people and expose the truth behind the war. When that failed, Harling decided to return to the Osean capital and reclaim his office. The Sea Goblin team, serving as the president's personal guard detail, departed the Kestrel and covertly transported Harling and Yuktobanian Prime Minister Seryozha Nikanor into the capital.[6] It is unknown if Sea Goblin was required to use force to reinstate Harling; regardless, the team's efforts proved successful, and Harling and Nikanor reclaimed their offices, allowing the Circum-Pacific War to come to an end.[7]

Lighthouse War

Sea Goblin landing near the International Space Elevator

On June 6, 2019, Sea Goblin was deployed to the International Space Elevator to rescue Harling, who was hidden inside the facility. Sea Goblin's CH-47 was destroyed by a thermobaric rocket, and the rest of the rescue team was later killed in action.[8]