Operation Backhaul

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"Is Captain Bartlett there? Check for a Captain Bartlett."
Kei Nagase

Operation Backhaul was an operation that focused on liberating a POW camp in Glubina, Yuktobania.[1]


With the destruction of the Hrimfaxi, the Osean Army was able to continue their offensive. A POW camp interning captured Osean servicemen was discovered during the offensive, and a team of marines were dispatched to secretly infiltrate, and then seize control the camp from the inside. A flight of helicopters was en route to extract the marines and freed prisoners once the facility was secured, but the airspace was patrolled by enemy fighters.[1]


After Wardog Squadron arrived above the prison, they focused on shooting down all enemy fighters to secure air superiority. During the engagement, the marines that had sneaked into the camp were discovered, leading to a brief yet intense firefight on the ground. Soon after Wardog Squadron secured air superiority, the Sea Goblin rescue team arrived, protected by Wardog Squadron from enemy anti-air defences. Eventually, the Sea Goblin unit was able to land and rescue the prisoners. However, shortly before the Osean withdrawal, Nagase was shot down by a concealed missile launcher, and a helicopter sent to rescue her crashed into a mountainside due to the worsening blizzard.[1]


The mission was a success, and all POWs were rescued. However, due to adverse weather conditions, the remaining pilots of Wardog Squadron and Sea Goblin were forced to wait until the next day when the blizzard had passed to be able to rescue Nagase and the crew of the crashed gunship.[1]