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Stier Castle is an historic Belkan castle positioned on the southern edge of the border between Belka and North Osea (formerly South Belka) in the Waldreich Mountains, northwest of Sudentor. In modern times, Stier Castle witnessed several important events that shaped the outcomes of the Belkan War and Circum-Pacific War.


Constructed in the 1100s,[2] Stier Castle is one of the remnants of Belka's feudalistic past, which also includes Glatisant.

Stier Castle is situated on the northern banks of Lake Edelwasser[3] and is surrounded by rolling hills and sparsely populated farmland. The castle is connected to a small rural town just north of the lake. Stier Castle stands on the southern point of an oblong promontory known as a drumlin, which provided protection against attacks from the lakeside. The keep is positioned atop two staggered tiers, and the castle's northern grounds are surrounded by tall defensive walls with watchtowers.

A short distance east of the castle, on the north bank of Lake Edelwasser, sits a small partially-covered port; during Operation Keynote gunboats were continuously deployed from this port to patrol the lake.


Belkan War

Pixy over Lake Edelwasser;[3] Stier Castle is visible in the background

On June 6, 1995, Stier Castle witnessed one of the seven nuclear detonations only a few dozen miles to the southwest. Despite being close to ground zero of the detonation, Stier Castle miraculously survived the blast.[4]

Several months later, on December 25, Stier Castle witnessed the destruction of the XB-0 Hresvelgr after the extremist group A World With No Boundaries used it to bomb Ustio's Valais Air Base. Galm Team shot down the heavy command cruiser northeast of the castle, which remained unscathed during the engagement.[5]

Circum-Pacific War

An Su-37 Terminator over the castle

On October 22, 2010, Osean President Vincent Harling was kidnapped by Belkan operatives and imprisoned in Stier Castle. The president would remain confined there until December 9, when, at 0500hrs, Wardog Squadron and Sea Goblin launched a rescue operation to free him.[1]

An infiltration team entered the castle and freed the president, but became pinned down by intense enemy crossfire. The Wardog fighters consequently punched a hole in the castle keep's west wall in order to allow the infiltration team to escape with the president. The operation was successful and, despite the aforementioned damage, Stier Castle remained standing.[1]



  • Stier Castle appears numerous times in-game:
  • Stier Castle's location is inconsistent between depictions in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.
    • The briefing prior to "Ancient Walls" places the castle northwest of Sudentor, north of the Waldreich Mountains, and in the southern part of Nord Belka.
    • The briefing prior to "The Stage of Apocalypse" shows it as being southwest of Sudentor, south of the Waldreich Mountains, and in what would become North Osea.
  • "Stier" is German for bull.