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"They must hate our guts to put up something like this."
Allied Squadron[1]

Glatisant is an ancient Belkan city located atop the peaks of Mount Ivrea in North Osea (formerly South Belka), northeast of Lumen. During the Belkan War, the ruins of Glatisant were transformed by the Belkan Army into a modern base with a powerful anti-aircraft defense network.


Glatisant is comprised of several fortifications that date back to Belka's medieval era. The ancient fortresses and towers of Glatisant are situated on Mount Ivrea's highest peaks; the ruins of smaller villages and settlements—likely inhabited by the Belkan peasantry—are nestled in the valleys and lowlands between the mountains. Due to its high altitude, Glatisant experiences relatively cool summers and is obscured by heavy snowfall during the harsh winters.[1]

Glatisant was separated into five main areas: "Area Gate", a forward-deployed anti-air defensive unit; "Area Wall", a secondary air defense area with a central control tower; "Area Garden", a barracks and makeshift airfield that deployed VTOL aircraft; "Area Castle", an incorporated anti-air defense and frontline troop-deployment area; and "Area Rampart", a final defensive position that consisted of two large towers, as well as numerous flak guns and surface-to-air missile launchers.[1]


One of Glatisant's ruined settlements situated in a shallow mountain valley
"Looks like an ocean of bullets coming at us."
Larry Foulke[1]

During the Belkan War, Glatisant was transformed into a modern, fortified anti-aircraft base by the Belkan Army. Glatisant served as the focal point of the Belkans' defensive "Hydrian Line", which extended over 700 kilometers from the Osean Federation's eastern border (circa early 1995) to the northwest border of Sapin.[2]

Sometime prior to May 17, 1995, the Allied Forces received intelligence that Belka was developing nuclear armaments and V2, a weapon of mass destruction. In an effort to break through the Hydrian Line, the Allies launched an air strike on Glatisant under the pretext of a "nuclear arms inspection".[2]

A large force of Allied fighters and Ustian mercenaries ultimately eliminated Glatisant's defensive power, which allowed the Allies to break the Hydrian Line and advance into southern Belka. However, as the Allied fighters began withdrawing from the area, Galm Team's number two, callsign "Pixy", detected a faint flash of light,[1] which was later revealed to have annihilated an entire Allied squadron operating in Belka.[3]


  • In line with the game's Arthurian themes, Glatisant share its name with the Beast Glatisant, a creature symbolic of the corruption within Arthur's kingdom.
  • The name "Hydrian Line" is a reference to Hadrian's Wall, the line of fortifications located in England which marks the northern frontier of the Roman Empire.  
  • The names of the areas correspond to the traditional defensive zones of a medieval fortress: gatehouse, curtain wall, ward or bailey (here called "garden"), keep ("castle") and finally the ramparts atop the keep, from where no further retreat is possible.